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Step 1: Things That You Will Need

1)LM358 IC
2)LM7805 IC
3)2 LEDs
4)2 LDRs
6)3 9v batteries
7) wires
8)Two variable resistors of 10K

Download the data sheet of LM358 and LM7805 IC.(You may need it !)
Link of LM358- http://www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheets_pdf/L/M/3/5/LM358.shtml
Link of LM7805- http://www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheets_pdf/L/M/7/8/LM7805.shtml

Please use a program to draw the circuit. Like a Multisim, for example.<br>It is much easier to analyze.<br><br>Greetings
<p>Yeah sure ! </p><p>I didn't know about Multisim or any other software like that before.</p>
<p>Precisely ! <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/theedisoneffect/" rel="nofollow">theedisoneffect</a></p>
what is the use of <br>LM358 IC ?
<p>The IC LM358 is a 'dual comparator'. Its much like the LM741 IC, instead the 358 can compare two separate pair of volatges simultaneously and give two respective output voltages simultaneously. In this case one of the comparators is used for the dark sensor, while the other is used for the Light sensor.</p>
<p>good one and good to understand</p>
Hey, this is Akshay.... studying engineering! <br>i made the exact copy of the breadboard connection in the pic. of ur..... <br>i din get any light illuminating from my led's.... <br>but wen i made my own connections by looking at the circuit diagram u've put, both my led glows! no matter wat u do i'm not getting the proper thing over this!!! <br> <br>HOPING FOR A RESPONSE WITH A SOLUTION BRO! <br>PLZ HELP ME OUT...
Use Fritzing to mock this up, Its a great circuit and you explain it well, but yeah, the schematics are a bit rough. <br> <br>Fritzing is drag and drop, very easy and no crazy variables like spice etc
I agree with dmartins, using any sort of circuit CAD software makes it much easier to follow. Multisim for example is a very easy software to jump into. As well as Pspice.

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