Picture of How to make an Mbed USB slingshot ?
I really like to design my own USB peripherals to make them more "attractive" ;)

With some friends, we had the idea to use a real slingshot to play Angry Birds instead of using a standard mouse! The objective is to plug the slingshot into a computer over USB and to kill pigs with it!

The problem is that we had to find a microcontroller or a little board with a USB controller and a USB library already developed. Quite recently, Mbed has published a USB device library which is able to emulate a bunch of peripherals.

Combining the two previous ideas, we decided to design a real slingshot using an Mbed connected to a computer over USB to play Angry Birds!

Take a look at the video!

With a real slingshot, you tilt the slingshot and stretch sling. The idea to measure these was using:
   - An accelerometer - this can measure the tilt by tracking the gravity vector (which way is down!)
   - A rubber stretch sensor - this can be used as the sling, and measure how much it is stretched

The slingshot was crafted by Chris Jarratt, from a branch found in Epping Forest, London! This is the structure in to which I embedded all the electronics.
I think it would be pretty cool to incorporate some of this tech into an actual slingshot. Perhaps laser guided... *strokes chin thoughtfully*
senowoke3 years ago
nice project, so creative
samux (author) 3 years ago
Nice to see someone who tried the slingshot!!
Yes it's mine developed with the mbed team
virsing3 years ago
Saw and played it today on the "embedded world conference" in Nürnberg Germany, its awesom :-D
was it yours?
rimar20003 years ago
Hats off, sir!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Great project, and I liked the video!