Picture of How to make an Nerf Bullet that shoots Air soft BBs
 First the materials:

A bic pen
Any kind or Nerf dart
Duct tape or electrical tape
A Nerf gun
A pocket knife

Step 1:

Picture of
First get the Nerf dart and rip off the tip, or head.

Next get the bic pen, take off it's bottom cap and pen cap and inc tube so it looks like a tube.

Next Insert the bic pen tube into the Nerf dart.

Then put some tape on the dart so the pen doesn't slide off.
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jettsd1 year ago
Dont get step 3
1336carson1 year ago
Step 3 is a little confusing
ehall103 years ago
put a vid on
ehall103 years ago
it looks good put a vid because dont know if it works
Jarheadicus3 years ago
I redesigned it to shoot metal bb gun bbs
spartan711 (author)  Jarheadicus3 years ago
Cool, now make it shoot a .50BMG round.
...It does not have a high velocity compared to a bb gun or an airsoft gun. Also, I will be converting a VULCAN soon...
spartan711 (author)  Jarheadicus3 years ago
Yes, i would say about 100 FPS. Does not even compare to my M16 or my 500 FPS SVD.
do you have to take the restrictors out?
spartan711 (author)  theicecreamman4 years ago
i don't think so... idk
First, you spell out I don't know, and then you say it again... in text lingo. What is this world coming to?
spartan711 (author)  Jarheadicus3 years ago
The first one was for the average person who knows English, the second was for the average american child from 10-16.
Gotcha...next time you might want to capitalize the "I" for the average English speaker.
spartan711 (author)  Jarheadicus3 years ago
like, if the tip of the pen is bent, how do u shoot the bb?
spartan711 (author)  zombiesurvival4 years ago
I bent the pen tip only a little so the BB won't fall out
if u bent the tip, then it wouldnt be that accurate, u would have to point the gun a little bit down, great instructable though.
spartan711 (author)  zombiesurvival4 years ago
Not really...
That would mean the gun defies physics?!?!?!?
zglynn3 years ago
take a long shot and do this plz
spartan711 (author)  zglynn3 years ago
You can, just do the same thing, but make the tube shorter so it is in the foam part, and load in a bb, then put it in the nerf gun
A1v1n14 years ago
you could either bend it or put the tip on fire very fast (I tried on plastic once it shrunk a bit)
spartan711 (author)  A1v1n14 years ago
Yes, but when you burn, melt, or or expose plastic to fire they will release toxic fumes.
yuo now if you do it rite you can make it shoot popcorn cernles
ShowdownVD4 years ago
My bro has a million nerf guns... i am going to transform them all!!!
spartan711 (author)  ShowdownVD4 years ago
awesome dude. i can like... pop baloons
spartan711 (author)  superawesomekid784 years ago
no not that strong... loL almost no airsoft guns can pop baloons, they just bounce off
nahh my ak 37 is like awsome!! you shoot some one with skii pants it still hurts!! and yah that dude superawesomekid78 is probly not right a bout NERF air soft gun cant pop balloons.but my ak 37 can :)
They can if the balloon is "snug" like when you have just inflated it.
spartan711 (author)  thing 24 years ago
LOLs or you can play airsoftwith it...
THANK YOU!!! It took me a LONG time to figure out how to stop the bullets from rolling out of the barrel btw THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Paul, Jacqueline's 10 year old son)
spartan711 (author)  jacquelinewiley4 years ago
.. um... you're welcome?
thing 24 years ago
Love the cheap red dot on the "erf" gun!
taowyman4 years ago
oh yah :) cant wait to use this
taowyman4 years ago
thanks but i still need my dad to let me get the bbs
taowyman4 years ago
even without bbs its still cool
(YOUR N4 years ago
macic land yay were going to magic land charlie yeah charlie were going to magic land
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