This is a step by step guide on how to build a homemade Oil Drum BBQ Smoker from scratch!! Both myself and friend Darren, created this one evening.This is a great, relatively cheap project, that will keep you entertained all through the summer and surprisingly, even the winter!! This Oil Drum BBQ always ends up getting lit at every party and actually becomes quite the centre piece, getting a lot of attention!!

As you will discover, as well as cooking burgers and sausages, this BBQ Smoker comes into its element when slow cooking large joints of meat! Lovely slow cooked shoulder of lamb, belly pork, beef ribs, pork ribs and even a whole pot of curry! Whatever joint you decide, wrapping it in layers of tin foil will protect it from the fire and keep it tender and succulent!

Happy building! I look forward to seeing what you make! After lots of interest, I have actually started making these Oil Drum BBQ's and similar BBQ's for sale. They are custom built to order and can be ordered by sending an email through my website - www.philreillydesigns.com. I will give you 5% off if you state that you have seen this on Instructables!! There is a portfolio on my website of other BBQ designs and previous instructables that I have created!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

What you require

Below is a list of tools and materials that you require to complete this project. Remember that safety is very important. Always wear the appropriate safety equipment when fabricating with metal.

1. Mig Welder + wire, face mask, gloves

2. Angle Grinder + cutting disks, sanding disks, grinding disks

3. Hammer

4. Hacksaw

5. Engineers Square

6. Ruler

7. Tape Measure

8. Permanent Pen

9. Drill

10. Selection of drill bits

11. An old oil drum

12. High temperature BBQ paint

13. Steel Hinges

14. Chrome coach hook

15. BBQ temperature dial

16. Safety glasses and gloves

17. Mild Steel Box Section

18. 6mm Mild Steel Round Bar

19. U Section safety edging

20. Strips of Steel sheet

21. Stainless steel grill or stainless steel mesh

22. Nuts and bolts for the hinges and frame

23. Large Steel Tubing for the chimney

24. A dust / spray painting mask

25. Center punch

<p>Hello there!! thanks for sharing.. I was wondering what paint did you used?</p>
<p>Awesome Smoker! I'm gonna try to make one next summer for sure!</p>
Thanks, means a lot!
<p>One of the nicest oil drum bbq DIY projects I've seen! Nice job!</p>

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