How to Make an Onigiri (rice Ball)





Introduction: How to Make an Onigiri (rice Ball)

Onigiri, also known as rice ball, is made with white rice that is usually formed into a triangular or circular/oval shape wrapped with a strip of nori (edible seaweed). Some traditional fillings for onigiri include pickled vegetables or fruit (plum), fish (salmon, tuna), seafood, and any other salty or sour preservatives. But you can always add whatever ingredients you like for the fillings. To make a triangular onigiri, it is done by shaping it into a triangle by hand. It may be a bit messy and may take a while to form the perfect triangle. So this instructable shows a clean, quick, and easy way to make a triangular onigiri using a plastic bag.

Step 1: Cut Out Plastic Bag’s Edge

First, take a clean plastic bag and cut off an edge of the bag so it becomes a triangle. The measurements for mine are about 7 inches X 10 inches X 7 inches. It's also great to use an empty chip bag but it's easier to see what you are doing with a clear plastic bag or Ziploc bag.

Step 2: Rice

Fill about half or 2/3 of the rice you want to use in the plastic bag. Press it down a bit so the rice fills the corner of the bag.

Step 3: Fillings

Add in the fillings you want. I used some dried shredded fish and furikake (a Japanese condiment). You may want to bury the fillings in between the grains so that the ingredients are stuck well in the rice.

Step 4: Covering Fillings

Cover the fillings with a bit more rice, however much you want.

Step 5: Forming the Triangle

Press on all sides to make a triangle. Make sure it's pressed well so that it won't fall apart when you take the plastic bag off.

Step 6: Add Nori

Take off the plastic bag and wrap a strip of nori/seaweed on the bottom to finish off.

Step 7: Final

And you are done! Serve on a plate or wrap it in plastic wrap for lunch packing or storage.



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I was happy to see this because I just read the part in "Fruits Basket" where they are going to sell some onigiri!

I just watched that That's why I was so gung-ho to learn the proper way to make it. The other places that sell nori are natural markets or health food stores.

Kyaa~! It Look's so good!! Can't wait to make it! Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!

Ooishiso!! Arigato Godaimas halume san

oishiisou* arigatou* gozaimasu*

er my bad oishisou*

for those that don't have any understanding of Japanese, I think the comment translates to "thank you"

Yes, indeed. I was trying to say: -"Looks delicious!! thank you very much Mr. Robo... er, halume"- in an odd language similar to Japanese ;-) (I stand corrected, thank you t3hj4p). Is the non-capitalization of names intentional? I feel weird writing them all in lower case.

"oishii you" is ok (and it's not the english 'you').

I wonder if the site supports hiragana/kanji encoding... he he.

um... i would think online it would be fine to just use the username in its cap/non as is :P and there really isnt a thing such as capitalization in japanese :T its just romanization of the phonics of speaking so it doesnt even matter :D for instance "konnichiha" is hello/good afternoon and because its romanized it doesnt matter if its KoNNiChiHa or KonnichiHa or Konnichiha or even konnichiha because they all would be opinionated as correct by any certain group of people all in all as long as the romanized form is correct in spelling its fine lol