Step 17: Step 17

now fold the flat parts down on both sides
<p>thanx dude this really helped since I'm a beginner </p>
Not described enough and some pictures don't really match up to what you put
Do not understand Step 11... Please help...
I don't know how to do this part ...Can you help ?
please help with step 6 i sooooo dont under stand it can you explane it better please <br>
An alternate option is to not unfold it, but fold it again. Same outcome, but easier!!
*sadface* Bye folds!
So far so good :D
ok i got pass the last part but now im stuck on this please explain it better. again im really bad at origami. yah....
ok well you see the lines you folded in the last step lift the loose bottem flaps to fit on the top line then press down ad fold along the side lines i hope this helped if&nbsp; not send another comment and i will show you or add more pics :)<br />
hang on i dont get this part what part to you fold up? is it the open side the close side or one of the sides you folded up before? sorry im really bad at origami.
Don't fold the wings down at the end, its much more authentic (and original)&nbsp;to leave them up.<br /> <br /> so, try to resist<br />
thanks ill try that

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