How to Make an Origami Hexagon Box Lid (Modular 3 Unit)!



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Introduction: How to Make an Origami Hexagon Box Lid (Modular 3 Unit)!

About: I love making origami and craft video tutorials!______________________________________________________ I get a lot of requests asking about what type of paper and tools I use in my videos. To answer your qu...

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make an origami Hexagon Box Lid (Modular 3 unit). Enjoy :D!

Origami: 3 Piece Hexagon Box Box lid Ver. 8 (Modular 3 unit)!
Designed By: Tomoko Fuse

Other Lids:

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Tips: Take care of your folds at the beginning, and the rest should be fairly easy if you follow the tutorial exactly. Making careful folds, and making sure everything is properly aligned will allow you to get best results for the final product. This rule is something that should probably be kept in mind when making any origami model. Other than that, have fun!



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