This tutorial will show you how to make your very own
Unique under bust corset.

This one I'm making here is an air themed one.
Better photos to come.

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Step 1: What You'll Need

1. A Corset pattern (I'm using a vogue pattern here but really any overbust corset pattern will do)

2. 1/8wide Spiral steel bones (or flat steel your choice)
for a more sturdy corset you can also use 1/4wide or 1/2 wide

3. 1.5 yards fashion fabric, I'm using dupioni silk

4. 1.5 yards imported Coutil fabric

5. size 00 grommets and setter

6. an awl

7. sewing machine & essentials (pins, duck strength sewing machine needles seam ripper, matching thread, scissors)

8. beads or swarovski crystals

9. clear beading thread

10. fuseable web you can find it with the interfacing at the fabric store. It looks like a sheet made of spiderwebs

11. An iron with a good steam setting

12. optional a 3-4 thread serger

13. 1 busk
<p>Does it matter if the coutil is imported or not? This is my first time making a corset and it's on a budget, so of course the imported is more expensive than the domestic coutil. </p>
sometimes imported coutil is much stiffer, but regular will work just fine if you are on a budget.
I am so bookmarking this for my Harley Quinn Arkham City cosplay. :D Thanks so much!
Your instructable is the best one that I've found I making corsets!!
Very nice!<br>
This is such a nicely written Instructable! Thanks for sharing!<br>Sunshiine
This is so cute! I will learn how to make corsets one day and under bust corsets just seem like a must! Do you have any pictures of someone wearing it?
I'll be posting some later.<br>I made this for a friend who is much smaller than me,<br>so I have to wait for her to come over to get photos of her in it.

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