Step 10: Adding Your Bones

Measure your casings leaving 1/4 of an inch top and bottom.
Order bones for each casing according to measurements.

I tend to get mine here
You can get your busks, washers and Grommets here as well.

Slip your bones into their appropriate casings until you have them in
with 1/4 and inch of fabric above and below each bone.
<p>Does it matter if the coutil is imported or not? This is my first time making a corset and it's on a budget, so of course the imported is more expensive than the domestic coutil. </p>
sometimes imported coutil is much stiffer, but regular will work just fine if you are on a budget.
I am so bookmarking this for my Harley Quinn Arkham City cosplay. :D Thanks so much!
Your instructable is the best one that I've found I making corsets!!
Very nice!<br>
This is such a nicely written Instructable! Thanks for sharing!<br>Sunshiine
This is so cute! I will learn how to make corsets one day and under bust corsets just seem like a must! Do you have any pictures of someone wearing it?
I'll be posting some later.<br>I made this for a friend who is much smaller than me,<br>so I have to wait for her to come over to get photos of her in it.

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