materials needed:

11 sheets of 4' x 10' fluted aluminum
50 2 x 4's
150 sheet metal self tapping screws
100 2 ½ deck screws
100 1 ½ deck screws
1 3' piece of wire
1 4” acrylic batman in climbing stance

tools needed
water jet (thanx techshop)
chop saw
hand drills
measuring tape
1 awesome teammate

Step 1: Make Said Building

using the water jet cut, out a designed skyline, building by building.

repeat this step til you have a city skyline that works for you, then layout your city skyline to make sure your vision has came out correct.

also, make a series of 4"x 4' strips that will be used later ( i made 20)

I don't see anywhere how to make the Batman !
Isn't he a cute li'l batman?

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