Step 7: Addendum ...

Since the tetrapak has quite thin sides, w/o the original top cone tends to deform by time & antenna square front opening later gets more romboid shape, so is good to prevent that, since that spoils the antenna performance. Maybe by gluing outside close to its end some outside plastic isolated copper wire or cardboard/plastic made additional shim ... For some other purposes I hardened the structure with some thicker cardboard outside antenna like on this last photo ... but it does not to be so long like on the slide ... That should be all for now ... :-))

... but if anyone is interested more in other ways of boosting a range of these days non-expensive wifi Usb Keys or other my wifi antenna projects, can visit this link and browse further inside also for other linked wifi antenna projects : wifi USBkeY range Enhancers-boosters 4 Dummies ... well, is not written in english, but in my native slovene using also local slang, so do Not try any on-Line translators, you will get out a bunch of crap :-) ... but some data (measures etc.) are international, just like as photos, a lots of them :-) ... if any schematics there, remarks there are in english only to get some clue ...

... and if anyone is also interested in some other (electronics, computers, mods) stuff, can visit also (lazy-me) my a bit Outdated personal site - thats whole in english !!! ...

doesn't this have to be metal to enhance any sort of signal? This is a type of cantenna isn't it?
Yes, there is ! That cardboard material for tetrapacks is multilayered stuff with embedded aluminum foil inside (that´s why tetrapacks are a real enviromental threat, of which nobody says anything, almost impossible to recycle properly) ... & no it is NOT a type of cantenna .. :-)
hokay thanks, i didnt know that fruit juice containers had metal in them.

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