I thought of a way to make a clamping mechanism to work with my larger projects.  I use these to glue together Cajon drums.  These plans can be modified to fit smaller size projects as well.  

thread all
lock nuts 
wing nuts
scrap plywood.
Nice ! <br> <br>Messy worktable, huh ?&hellip; Guess it's worse behind the curtain&hellip;&nbsp; lol
LOL. Well. What do you do when you have lots of stuff and love to work with wood but only have a one car garage.
<p>Keeping the bench clear is one of the biggest problems in the workshop. If you can solve that problem you will have a very popular Instructable!</p>
<p>Welp........ That will never happen.</p>
Whats behind the curtain is classified!!!!!
I couldn't have come with a better answer !!!&hellip; LOL <br> <br>Happy holidays to you and family / friends !
And also you and yours. Thanks.

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