How to make an airsoft red dot scope protector for cheap (also works for conventional scopes)

Picture of How to make an airsoft red dot scope protector for cheap (also works for conventional scopes)
So you've purchased your first red dot sight. But the night before your first skirmish you realise "Hang on...what if this gets hit by a bb? Will it break?" The short answer is, you'll be lucky if you get away with a scratch.... But never fear I have come up with a step by step tutorial to make an effective (albeit temporary and ugly) clear scope protector!     
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Step 1: Find yourself some tinfoil / aluminium foil

Picture of Find yourself some tinfoil / aluminium foil
First of all you will need about 25 cm of tinfoil / aluminium foil

fold the tinfoil / aluminium foil to double the depth you want you scope protector to be and continue folding it over itself until you cant go any further. Then simply fold it horizontally in half.

Step 2: Fit to size

Picture of Fit to size
Grab your red dot sight / scope and wrap the band of tinfoil / aluminium foil around it tightly. Then hold it in place with some tape (I used scotch tape however its not necessary to use the same tape).  Then trim off the excess.

TIP  make the band very slightly longer then the actual sight so that when you wrap this with tape it will still fit. Be very careful when doing this as you don't want it to be to loose on your scope.

Step 3: Duct tape....duct tape....duct tape....

Picture of duct tape....duct tape....duct tape....
Now for the tricky part....
place your band onto the duct tape and begin to roll the duct tape onto it (place the bottom half of the band slightly above half-way but don't forget to leave a little bit of tape at the top to fold onto the "lens")

Next cut strips down to the tinfoil into the duct tape all the way around but not on the shorter side (see pictures if confused :P)

TIP If the duct tape you've left at the top to fold over the lens is too thick ( i.e it will cover up too much of the lens) cut the excess off as seen in the picture. Remember though you can always take away but never add back!