How to Make an Airsoft Target





Introduction: How to Make an Airsoft Target

Here's a really easy way to make an airsoft target if you don't want to bother buying one.

Please go easy on me, this is my first instructable.

Feel free to make suggestions to make it better.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

You will need the objects in the picture, a box, airsoft BB's, an airsoft gun, paper, and tape.

Step 2: Starting Out

First, start out with the box.

Step 3: Paper

Next, get out a piece of printer sized paper or whatever will fit the box.

Step 4: Tape

Put two pieces of tape on both sides of the paper as shown below.

Step 5: Almost Done

Then lay the paper on the box and crease the sides.

Step 6: Tape It Down

Now stick the tape to the box on both sides.

Step 7: Finished

Your target is complete! Just start shooting away and the box will catch your airsoft BB's for you.

Step 8: P.S.

If the airsoft BB's shoot through the back of the box then tape on piesces of cardboard or anything else that wll make the back stronger.

Step 9: Have Fun!

Oops! It looks like I made an extra page!



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    Dude. Good target but my gun would DESTROY it.

    Same. For our guns it's a one use target.

    So would mine. It's got a muzzle velocity of 495 FPS.

    ya man. Cardboard is way too weak

    that looks cool

    this really helped! Now i can just go out to my back yard and shoot at it. Before, my target was a bottle until i found this. Thanks again!

    you could try lining the back with duct tape ( it works with my 210 fps gun, but i dont think it works with high fps guns)

    What gun is that? I saw it somewhere and it was only for 17! =D

    just a crossman m70 ya it is $17 lol its not really a serious gun but it's a great "just for fun" gun