With Arduino is really possible to make complex projects, particularly through the use of the Internet, you can use it through the various Shield available for the micro-controller. In this article, we will see how to make a professional alarm system with Arduino.

This system will be able to record every movement that is detected in the house and will be saved in a database, which can be accessed remotely from any device, using a simple browser, or dedicated applications.

Requirements for the


· 1x Arduino Mega

· 1 x Ethernet Shield

· n x Arduino Uno

· n x Wireless 433 MHz kit

· n + 1 x PIR sensor

· PC/Raspberry Pi


· MySQL Connector for Arduino https://launchpad.net/mysql-arduino

· Wireless 433 MHz VirtualWire Library https://github.com/bosgood/arduino-playground/tree/master/lib/VirtualWire

· Wireless data send library http://bayesianadventures.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/arduino-rf-communications-data-encoder-for-virtualwire/

· Webduino library https://github.com/sirleech/Webduino

· My code for my from my gitub repo https://github.com/jackbell16/Arduino_System_Alarm

Step 1: ​How Does the System Work ?

The alarm system is based on using a sort of central station, they are connected to n clients . Each device is equipped with a PIR sensor , which is able to detect the passage of a person, through the variation of heat detected. The various clients have a wireless TX , which will send a signal to the central station, to warn the detection of a person. The main server is nothing more than an Arduino Mega connected to the Internet via the Ethernet card official , which contains over a PIR sensor , a wireless RX , which is able to receive signals that clients send . To figure out which client sent the signal, it will be equipped with some sort of identifier , set by the user when registering the client. As for the recording / saving of readings , you will use a database, which can be installed on a PC or even on the Raspberry Pi . The upload will be done directly from the central station , which is the only one to be connected to the Internet. The retrieval of information relating to the surveys , you can make it through a web page, or through an application built in Java. In addition, the central station is equipped with a web server , with which you can disable / enable the alarm system . We'll see how it is possible , with an Android phone , automate the activation / disabling the alarm system.

<p>Why use another redundant system to store password? Arduino is able to store the password on a sdcard with ethernet shield, no?<br>And why use an app to control your system? A simple securized webpage stored on sdcard is suffisient.<br>If use a keypad with LCD, wired or wireless(bt/433) to control zone and modify/store tel number/password, a gsm shield to send sms incase intrusion/smoke (with detector shield), your system will be complet!!! </p>
Thank you for your suggestion. The MYSQL DB is very good, because you can control it remotely in a very easy way and also you can make some evaluation over the data. The KeyPAD and LCD use to many wires, so it is better to you a smartphone to control the system.
<p>your include statements lost the library names. I presume it is vitrtualwire and webduino :-)</p>
<p>oops, not the webduino ofcourse as this is the client. so which second library got lost in this program?</p>
<p>is 'Datacoder.h' the one missing?</p>
<p>Yes, sorry for the mistake</p>
<p>no worries. happens a lot coz of the 'fish hooks' around it</p>
using an arduino uno for every sensor makes it an expensive system. There are wireless pretty cheap wireless sensors out there but when you want some special encoding I would recommend using an attiny since you don't need that much ports, 1 for sensor in and 1 for transmitting.
<p>Hi,</p><p>thank you for comment ! You're right, using Arduino for just 2 PINOUT seems to much expensive. You can use ATMEGA328, so building Arduino Uno on your own, or using ATtiny85 to keep cheap the project. </p><p><strong>Arduino UNO Cost = 20 $ + Wireless Kit (3 $) + PIR (3 $ ) = 26 $ </strong></p><p><strong>ATMEGA 328 Cost = 4 $ + 3 $ + 3 $ = 10 $</strong></p><p><strong>ATiny Cost = 2 $ + 3 $ + 3 $ = 8 $ </strong></p><p>The total cost should be around at 25-30 $ plus each client. </p><p><em><strong><br></strong></em></p><p><em><strong><br></strong></em></p><p><em><strong><br></strong></em></p>
<p>or... get a real cheap arduino at aliexpress (promini 1.60 euro. uno for 2.50 euro</p>

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