Step 3: Components

That 10 uF cap connects to pin 4 (+) and an open row closest to the IC (-).  The 2.2k resistor connects to the same row of the negative on the capacitor.  Connect the 1meg resistor to that same row and that to pin 1.  Connect one of the LEDs anodes to pin 4 and the cathode to a free row.  Connect the other LEDs anode to pin 5, 3 or 6 and the cathode to the same row as the others.  Connect the 1k resistor to that same row and then to ground. 
<p>Where's the 3rd resistor... the 100k resistor that is in the diagram connected to 2.2k resistor? o_O</p>
Hi there whats the operating voltage for this circuit. The project just right for which i need it for. Looking forward to building this . thanx peeps <br>
What would need to be changed for a 3v DC ( 2x AA batteries ) ?
i like this, but i need two things: <br>1- could you post a video? <br>2- what does the chip say on it?
Glad you like it but no, I will not post a video, just look at the schematic, and the chip says: MC14001BCPJT985C.

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