How to Make an Amplifier From 555 Ic


Introduction: How to Make an Amplifier From 555 Ic

You all must have seen the circuits for amps. They are very easy but sometimes if you are a noob or you can't find the things required for it you can't make it. In this instructable you will learn how to make an amplifier from 555 ic.

Step 1: About the 555

To make this amplifier you will need to know about the 555 ic's pinout. The pinout is given in this step.

Step 2: Collecting the Materials

You will need some things that are easily available to make this amplifier. The things are

555 ic
1 uf capacitor
10 uf capacitor- 2
0.001 uf capacitor ( number 102)
0.1 uf capacitor ( number 104)
1k resistor
680k resistor
47k resistor
100k resistor
Bc547 transistor (you can also use 2n2222 or 2n3904)
8 ohm speaker
Electret mic (the ones in headphones)
10 to 15 volts dc power source

Step 3: Making It

Be sure to not use it for long it is for brief demonstrations only. The schematic is given in this step.

Step 4: How It Works

The 555 can be used as an amplifier. It operates very similar to pulse-width modulation. The component values cause the 555 to oscillate at approx 66kHz and the speaker does not respond to this high frequency. Instead it responds to the average CD value of the modulated output and demonstrates the concept of pulse-width modulation. The chip gets very hot and is only for brief demonstrations. The schematic and info were taken from

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    While it is wonderful that you want to share this, it is not cool to plagiarize.
    Webpage here.
    If you cannot rewrite the original text in your own words (and/or redraw schematics/pictures) then you should cite the place where you got that information. It will save you from getting in trouble. If you need help in that regard, try Son Of Citation or just preface the text with: From (webpage) - "(text or picture here)".


    3 replies

    Thanks for your advice but I've taken the circuit from

    I am having a hard time determining which came 1st, the 555 Amplifier Circuit page or the PDF from TE. 555's page states copyright 2010 and TE's PDF states Not Copyright 14-10-2012, 2 days in the future (today is Oct. 12, 2012.), but I know that TE has been around for a long time. So, one of these has copied from the other and also not given credit where credit is due. Thank you for letting the community know where this originated.


    Thanks for the advice but I've taken the schematic from

    Allways citation...

    credits where credits due.