Introduction: How to Make an Arduino Antenna

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Hi, my name is Charlie and i had a need for a simple 1-wire antenna that i could interface with my arduino, and that's why i'm writing this.

Step 1: Parts List

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arduino uno



Step 2: Putting in the Oscillators

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first, take the first one and place the left pin on g49

next, take the second one and place it on the + and - power supply rails

Step 3: The Antenna Itself

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first, take 6 inches of bare wire and put it in the - power rail.

do the same for the + rail.

Step 4: The Coil

first, take 3 inches of bare wire and make 3 coils

then, put it in the - rail and e45

Step 5: Wiring

first, put one end of a wire on f47

next, put the other end on d42

then, put another one on f49

last, put the other end on the - rail

*to connect to arduino, put wire on pin 2, digital and a42

Step 6: Commentary

if you want to visit my dad's website (yes, i'm a kid) click here.


domints (author)2014-03-17

Don't really understand what does this antenna do... And how it's connected, and how to program it.

charliesyvertsen (author)domints2014-03-24

to program, you simply pretend it's a wire connected to a component ( ex. LEDs )

diy_bloke (author)2014-03-16

Charlie, what's the purpose of the antenna?

i was plotting a prank


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