I wanted to make a mask / helmet for a fancy dress ball. The method used here could construct any rough and battle damaged type of helmet, from ancient Sparta and Greece to Roman or even Medieval or LOTR.
A smooth surface can be achieved but it will require a lot of elbow grease to sand back. A rough finish is quicker and easier.

The basic system I use for almost all my solid props and masks is well known to the Halo boys. It's basic structure is card, strengthened with car repair resin and then shaped with filler.

Final finishes, in my case are generally acrylic paints.

Step 1: Materials

In my other 'ibles there seems to be some confusion regarding the two polyurethane resins I use.

The first is a liquid car body repair resin designed for bonding Fibreglass / Glass Fibre matting. It comes as a straw coloured liquid to which a catalyst hardener is added. In the UK I use David's Fastglass resin because it is readily available (from Halfords) and it is very forgiving of the user when it comes to the amount of hardener added. It's not massively critical. When mixed it takes on a red colour allowing you to see an even mix. It can be poured, cast, brushed on etc.

The second is a paste or putty. Again mostly used for filling jobs on car bodies. Here in the UK I use Isopon P38, again readily available (at Halfords), again you mix in a catalyst hardener which allows you to see a colour change and an even mix. Again not too critical of amounts.
In the US a similar product is manufactured by Bondo. Check out the auto repair dealers in your own country for similar products. Use all normal safety precautions, these products are general pretty noxious and smell terrible - use in a ventilated area. I tend to wear latex gloves when handling them too.

Other materials required are:

Card - various thickness and types. I use scrap for all my projects.
Tape - masking tape is best, plastic types tend to melt
Glue - Regular general purpose glue like Bostik, and possibly a hot melt gun.
Some very sharp craft knives - Swann and Morton scalpels are my choice, but X-Acto or similar will do
Steel ruler comes in handy, and a cutting mat if you have one.
Some glass fibre matting or tissue.

Rotary tool (like a Dremel) with various tools and bits for sanding and shaping.

Some imagination.
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very beautiful. thank you for sharing
Tried for a few times and now I can do it. Thanks for help.
Nice writing and liked it to read. Got something was unknown to me before.
What is that round thing called? No offense, but at first I thought it was a piece of lunch meat.
&quot;needs to be&quot;? did he say it was an accurate replica of something? If he did, I missed that part. <br> <br>if it's his own design, it only &quot;needs to be&quot; however he would like it. <br> <br>otherwise, constructive comment.
Nice one !! Love this to make an armour mask. Thanks for sharing.
i posted this to the masks guide check it out!
The top part of the mask needs to be almost a foot (12 inches ) high.Otherwise....great helmet. <br />
I would like more info about 1) what the spikes are made out of and 2) how did you fasten them to the helmet?
These are made from some old insulation foam I had in the workshop, I think is used a hot-melt glue gun, but impact adhesive would work too.
Hooray for the mayflower!
i have to make one i look good in scary things yay!
I'm an art teacher to mostly boys and I'd like to make this with them. Could I use a papier mache pulp to strengthen it and give it texture? Any other suggestions for lowering the cost?
Yes, papier mache will work perfectly well if you use the pulp type. I make my own blend, but Celluclay would work too. As long as you can get it smooth enough it should work.<br>The only downside is the drying time, the resin and the body filler I used here cures in around 12minutes, papier mache would take more than 24 hours to reach full strength.<br>other than that, try using the cheap artist acrylic paints - holds the cost down and gives some basic weather protection.
Cool stuff, now time for bracers, greaves, cuirass and then raise a army of undead... Diablo 2 Necromancer is a go!
I was lookin this for monthes! (You have to work with eyes! i think they must be a bit more dark-type)
AWESOME! only thing you need now is a sauron costume. THAT will make everybody drool in jealosy
You official rock. I Loooooove LOTR.
This is AWESOME, is that Murazor's helmet?<br>
this is awesome. you might want to look up the pepakura helmets.
Thank you. I use PEP all the time, I think it's an excellent system for making the basic armatures for stuff.
YOU did a very well job. it must have taken you pretty long to make it . beautiful work man
This took about 3 days to make start to finish. The resin and putty dry in about half an hour.
I would totally use this to make either a Golbez helmet or a Lich King helmet. This is awesome!!
Rofl looks like The Lich Kings helm from WoW
it looks very fancy!!
looks kinda like sauron's mask
Based it a LOTR design - I've simplified it a bit though.
You are great man! Absolutely fantastic!!!! LOTR FOREVER!!!!
Lmao! Thank you my friend.
very nice but doesnt even touch a greek helmet...<br>also if you do something about ancient greece or rome do something about the culture and not the war
Have a look:<br> <br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Spartan-Greek-or-Trojan-type-Helmet/">Here</a>
heehee :) :) :) OWNED. double whammy (this is not meant to be a greek helmet, AND you even have another ible for greek helmets!)<br><br>great masks btw!
and your point is?
That looks just like the king Nazgul thingies mask on the lord of the Rings! Amazing!<br>
sweet dude! nnice job!
instead of wasting money on all that resin and other stuff i just used an extra layer of cardboard and then i used tin foil to give it texture and color at the same time
Yep, that means it aint waterproof and if you sit on it, it gets crushed. This one is as strong as a crash helmet and can be worn in all weather conditions. Tin foil just doesn't cut it for up close realism.<br>It needs to be movie prop standard if your going to use it for a professional stills shoot, or use it to promote your work where potential customers will want to handle the product.
The finished product looks amazing!

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