Picture of How to make an arrow for under $10
This Instructable gives you good instructables to make a goodworking arrow for under $10. The pictures should hopefully explain what the finished prouct should look like once you've completed it.
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Step 1: Tools and Objects needed to make the arrow

Picture of Tools and Objects needed to make the arrow
To buy these objects you can find them in your local hardware shop:

1.Metre long wooden dowel.
3.Super glue
4.Thin string
5.Stanley knife

You can find the feathers needed in a carpark or you can buy official feathers from archery stores.(You need three feathers for one arrow.)

Instead of buying thin string something that is even better is the string found underneath the grip on the handle of a cricket bat, which I used in my instructable.

Step 2: Make the actual arrow

Picture of Make the actual arrow
1.Make a mark a centimetre in from the end as a position where you should stick the feather.

2.Tear the fluff off one side of the feather and do the same for the other two.

3.Gently squeeze a thin layer of glue all along the bottom of the feather and again do the same for the others and arrange them like this:

Step 3: Making the actual arrow

Picture of Making the actual arrow
4. Then using your string wind about a centimetre of it infront of your arrow and then start going up onto the arrow giving it more support and giving it the authentic look, then wind another bit at the end of the arrow to keep it secure.

5. Using your tape just cover the bits of string at the beginning and end of the arrow to make sure the string doesn't come loose.

The feathers once finished should look like this:

Step 4: Finishing the arrow off

Picture of Finishing the arrow off
To finish the arrow off, fist of all cut a notch on the end of the arrow that is going vertically with one feather going at three o'clock to it.

To make a point at the end you could just sharpen it off with your stanleyd knife or buy an arrow head from an archery store.

The finished product should look like this(The arrow head is not included in this instructable) :