Step 2: Make the actual arrow

Picture of Make the actual arrow
1.Make a mark a centimetre in from the end as a position where you should stick the feather.

2.Tear the fluff off one side of the feather and do the same for the other two.

3.Gently squeeze a thin layer of glue all along the bottom of the feather and again do the same for the others and arrange them like this:
Blaaken6 years ago
if you put them on at an angle to the side, did you know it will cause the arrow to spin causing it to go faster and if you intend to hunt, cause more damage, but don't put TOO MUCH angle on it other wise it will SLOW it down and cause it to do LESS damage, or if done wrong, could cause your arrow to just fly off and miss completely
Illamadi (author) 7 years ago
this is the way you do it