How to make an autonomous basketball playing robot using an iRobot Create as a base


Step 2: Create the unique part

Picture of Create the unique part
The only part that I had to fabricate was a plate that bolted to the Create and offered LEGO spacing. The spacing of the LEGO brick holes is 8mm apart, but I did a double spacing to save time. The extruded PVC is a breeze to work with. It can be cut with a utility knife, but is rigid and strong. I often pick up the robot by this plate and I have not had a problem yet.

Step 1:
Cut the sheet to 3.5" x 9.5", you can cut this with a utility knife.

Step 2:
Drill the holes for the create screws. The create screws make a box that is 2 and 5/8" by 8 and 5/8".

Step 3:
Drill the LEGO brick spaced holes. Use a 3/16" drill bit and I spaced the holes 16mm apart.

I laid out the sheet in a CAD program, printed it out full size and taped it to the sheet. Then I used this as a guide for cutting and drilling.