Introduction: How to Make an Awesome LEGO Super-man

What you'll need-
1. A Super-man minifigure
2. A Star Wars clone trooper minifigure
3. A Hawk-eye minifigure
4. Imagination
                                                                            (BTW this is my first 'ible so tell me if it's good.)

Step 1: The Arms Pt.1

Get the clone troopers arms and take them off. then take out the hands. Remove Super-man's arms then replace them with the the clone troopers arms, ONLY THE ARMS AND NOT THE HANDS. It should look like the picture above.

Step 2: The Arms Pt.2

Get Super-man's hans and remove them from the arms insert the hands into the clone trooper arms on Super-man's body. It should look like the picture above.

Step 3: The Face and Everything Else

Remove his cape. then switch heads with Hawk-eye and put the head on the side where it shows goggles. It should look like this. Have Fun!


SUPERCRAFTER0055 made it! (author)2016-03-15


mr.cardboard made it! (author)2012-11-03

amazon has some cheap ones still in the box.

jabronie25 made it! (author)2012-11-03

I wish i still had my legos

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