Picture of How to make an awesome little clay penguin!
This is my first instructable so i hope you like it!

In this instructable i will show you how to make a small penguin from clay.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To make your penguin you need these materials:

1. Black, white, orange, and blue clay (i used sculpey III but any colored clay will do)
2. a knife
3.something flat and sharp

Step 2: Making the body

Picture of Making the body
Take a lump of black clay and roll it into a ball. Then, press both ends down on the table. make it so that the top end is slightly skinnier then the other.

Step 3: Make the head

Picture of Make the head
Take a small lump of black clay and roll it into a ball. make the top of the ball pointy and the bottom end match the size of the skinny end of the body. Put it on the penguins body and mold it there.

Step 4: Here's where it all starts to come together.

Picture of Here's where it all starts to come together.
Up until now it really hasn't looked very much like a penguin. that is about to change. take a piece of white clay and flatten it out. cut it so it is an oval shape just smaller than the penguins stomach. then mold it on where you want the front to be. then, take a smaller piece of white clay and flatten it out. cut it into a round piece and put it on the penguins head.

Step 5: Make the face.

Picture of Make the face.
take a small piece of orange clay and shape it so it looks like a small ice cream cone. mold that towards the bottom of your penguin face. then take two tiny tiny pieces of any color clay you want to make the eyes, and then press those on.

Step 6: Make the feet and the arms

Picture of make the feet and the arms
take some orange clay and flatten it out. Take the flat sharp thing (see materials) and cut two triangles. mold those to the bottom of your penguin. to make the arms, flatten out a piece of black clay and cut it so it is a small oval. make two of these. they should go to about the penguins neck to where the white part ends. i like to make the arms go across his chest.
sunshiine5 years ago
I think he is sooo cute!  I have a new camera and was wondering what macro is?  I have never owned a digital camera before and this one was given to me with no instructions. 
kcls (author)  sunshiine5 years ago
Sorry for the late response... You've probably figured this out already, but, Macro is a mode that cameras have that enables them to take really close up pictures when they couldn't before. Examples below.
sunshiine kcls5 years ago
I will have to see if my camera does that! i SURE HOPE IT DOES!  THANKS!
Cute penguin... well done!
kcls (author)  rocketsurgery5 years ago
Thank you very much!
kcls (author) 5 years ago
Sorry for the bad pictures. I didn't find out my camera had a macro mode until after i finished. thats why the intro picture is so nice. i took that after.
kcls (author)  kcls5 years ago
I have fixed the pictures!
7longshot5 years ago
its okay we get the idea (: this is soo cool, im going to make a bunch
kcls (author)  7longshot5 years ago
Cool! Thanks for the comment!