Step 7: Prepare to Trace

Find a window in your house that gets a good amount of sunlight through it.

Tape your taped up poster to the window using your drafting masking tape. Put it at about eye level, at a comfortable height so your arm doesn't get tired. It doesn't have to be level. Just slap that puppy up there. What it does have to be, though, is FLAT. Make sure it is taped as flat as possible to the window, otherwise your cover sheet will float over parts of it, and when you press it down as you trace the master can shift.

Next, tear out a single sheet of your large sketch pad paper and tape it over your poster, lining it up just perfectly so the image is exactly where you want it on your paper. Take some time on this step, because as soon as it is taped over the master, you have just set the layout for all eternity of this drawing. Choose a layout that is pleasing to the eye and centered on the sheet. I like having lots of excess white space around my drawing, so if I decide to frame it I don't have to cut the matte up to the image, there is some breathing room of space. And when you tape your paper over the poster, make sure it is taped down flat, too.

If you don't have a picture window, or a window large enough to tape your paper to, fret not! Many art supply stores sell little "light boxes" that give you a surface to work on. If you go this route, you will want to tape your master paper directly to the back of the piece of sketch paper. If you don't tape it it will be impossible to line up accurately and your finished sketch may look like dog doo doo, unless you are artistically gifted to begin with. You can also use a television or computer monitor that is displaying all white to trace your image. In this case, you will want to tape your poster to the back of your sketch paper so you can move it around as one unit over the light source to make sure you get the entire image traced.

Now would also be a good time to go get your ipod or boombox or something and start cranking the tunes. You are about to make your masterpiece!
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My first attempt.
My first attempt...
<p>i've drawn dis pic n i want to learn shading....in a way to make it more realistic.....can u help me.....???</p>
<p>thats actually really good, ive been drawing for 4 years now and ive learnt that to make a really great realism drawing or whatever you have to have at least 3 pencils, i normally use a 8B, 4B and H to get the different gradient of colour. Anoother thing i would say is you need a bigger difference in darkness, so lets suppose the features of the face have to be a lot darker ... eg: shadows on ears and shadows around the nose, trust me you will see a great improvement once you darken the shadows a bit more , another thing i would say is never let any &quot;paper&quot; (blank spaces without coloring) of course it really depends on the pic ur basing from. However im pretty sure you will always find places you could draw in ... hope this helped</p>
<p>*learned, that is, unless you live outside of North America</p>
<p>i wanted to learn to sketch not trace</p>
ive been a professional tattoo artist for over 16 years now the only way your gonna learn to draw without tracing and trust me when i say this is, practice practice practice. Practice drawing things that you would normally never draw practice drawing things that you never think anyone else would have you draw practice drawing the most random things you can see at that exact moment in the room things like a jar of Vaseline a roll of toilet paper a light bulb I drew a dremel tool with a roll of duct tape and Swiss Army knife one time you could get those random things they're going to develop your prospective and dimensions and the way you see shadows lights and darks and that's the only way you can ever train your hand to be coordinated enough with your imagination to exicute a one of a kind piece that only you could visualize beforehand. Now after 16 years as a professional artist and over 20 years as an artist in general it might finally starting to be able to just imagine an image and bring it to life even now a lot of times just out of sheer laziness I have to Google reference images and while I'm looking at the image on my phone draw my own interpretation of it on the paper but they only came from countless hours in years the practice mostly of times when I really didn't feel all that artistic I admit it does come a lot easier for some people there is a such thing as a natural I wasn't blessed as much as those people are most of mine skill set now came from just being lazy and trying to avoid all the preparation time it takes to completed some images. sorry if i sound discouraging i don't mean to be i love to see anyone inspired enough to sacrifice that much time and be determined enough to master any art form for no other reason or motivation than their passion for it cause we all know very few artists ever get rich in their line of work. or famous till well after their deaths.
<p>Hey, I see vaseline, socks, and tissues all the time!</p>
this is one i did of my daughter i (traced) the basic features very lightly then just shaded everything and built it up entirely by looking at the photo and sketching accordingly then blended smooth with blend stump and a little tough with a white pencil here and there
I made it
<p>Hi! The sketch looks super. </p><p>Could you please help me with the sketching of the hair part?</p><p>How did you do it?</p><p>Thanks in Advance.</p>
<p> i did it</p>
Good job
I made it on pencil . How is it.
I draw it
<p>So amazing art thanks a lot for share with us...</p><p>&lt;a<br>href=&quot;</p><p>p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { }</p><p>http://www.drawing-pencil-sketches.com</p><p>&quot;&gt;</p><p>p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { }</p><p>DrawingPencilSketchesAcademy</p><p>&lt;/a&gt;</p>
Just showing off :P not complete yet but looking good in my opinion.
<p>is there anyone else who can do a picture many times over before I am happy with how it looks? I date them all so I can track my improvements and study where I can do different techniques.</p>
just tried ....how's it ???
<p>its nice </p>
<p>so are you</p>
<p>so are you</p>
<p>Its really cool! I wish i could draw like that!</p><p>(but i cant :( &lt;3)</p>
<p>cool instructable</p>
Thanks for the tips!!
<p>I draw this</p>
<p>I made it!!</p>
<p>its relly good you just need to work on her left hand a little more</p>
<p>i made it....!</p>
<p>thats relly good</p>
<p>hey dear can u help me out can u make a face for me plz</p><p>if u agree then plz reply</p>
<p>Really appreciate your work. This helps me a lot. I have created some sketches of leaf on a youtube channel &ndash; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd6xANmbqgHQzSvrjyo5XoQ . and https://richaartclub.blogspot.com/<br>Thank You friends, your tutorial helped me a lot :)</p>
Thanks so much for this so helful! I really wanted to do a sketch of grav3yardgirl in one of her recent vids!
Please give me suggestions
<p>Hey Guyz.... What about This Sketch??? Sketching is my Passion... like my page </p><p>https://www.facebook.com/asad.art.official</p>
<p>Just for learning purpose as a beginner , Computer/Laptop screen/LEDs could display a picture in any order you want and tracing can also be done by putting paper on the display screen. I know it sounds bit childish but in case someone don't have that Light-Window or wanted to do it in evening or may printer get stuck ... </p>
<p>This video is unavailable. would you upload again when u are available please?</p>
<p>This would be a great way to make someone a nice gift</p>
<p>@thesparine Great post..!!</p><p>@meghna21 Found another video tutorial that also explains the same thing in bit more detail, I think it might help you. - http://www.jerrysartarama.com/art-lessons/Artists/Carol-Ann-Sherman/Carol-Ann-Sherman-How-to-Begin-Sketching-a-Portrait.html</p>

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