Many intructables for Altoids cases are full of unnecessary things and statements, to make a much more easier and quicker instructable, I wont put that stuff in.

Step 1: Materials

You can use a wide array of tools. Since I didn't have any power tools at the time, I used a fatmax and a hand drill. I don't recommend using those, because it took me an hour.

A drill bit would work, a power drill, MAYBE a sharp metal skewer, but the tin is pretty strong.

And you can use styrophone or tin foil for the inside. I used foil.
will an altoids tin fit an ipod 5th generation?
This thing rocks. But becouse of the scarcenes of some stuff, i had to improvise(i used toilet paper)
Does this work with the Ipod Touch?
i dont know... buy an altoids can and put your ipod touch in it... see if it fits.
Sigh, no... anything bigger then the nano just doesnt fit D':
I made one of those but instead of foil I used a sponge and traced the shape of my ipod on it and cut it out and it worked really well. :)
I made a similar case for my Creative Zen Microphoto, but i used a moleskin-type of material to line the entire case with. I would not suggest using foil to line the tin, considering that it could scratch up the device that you are trying to protect. The ZMP also is larger than a Nano, and so I used less material than you would have to. I would suggest using some type of adhesive-backed fabric to line the case, but first add foam or some other material to give your Nano a semi-snug fit in the case. also by adding fabric to the top of the case it would protect the screen from scratches.

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