Picture of How to make an easter island head costume
The date: New years eve 2008
The place: The Doctors mess in Dorchester, south coast of the UK
The theme: "Around the World"

This Instructable details the complete build for an easter island head costume.
I've thought about building an easter island head costume before but the prototype ended up a little bit blocky and there were issues with where to put the eye holes without them looking obviously like eye holes. This version was a complete rebuild of that initial idea, making the entire shape a lot more rounded and making the whole thing much larger.

As ever I have taken inspiritation from the real thing and I've loosely based my design up it. I hope you can see the similarities.

Step 1: The materials

Picture of The materials
Is there nothing that can't be done with a lot of cardboard, some PVA glue and a bit of time and patience?

Like most of my costumes the materials are cheap and easy to get hold of. Copious amounts of cardboard are held together with PVA glue and sticky tape. The main ingredient and difference this time is Polyfilla (or spackling paste in the US?). This gives the head a stone texture and a certain amount of density that would be hard to copy otherwise.

Poster paints are mixed with PVA to give the head the desired colour and also a bit of a stony coloured shine. The PVA also serves to make the head a little bit waterproof but if you are intending to take it somewhere damp then I would suggest a quick coat of varnish to make it totally waterproof.

I wish I had a photo of the materials to insert into this step (a good hint to always take more photos of a project). Instead I have photos of the important ingredient taken from the internetz, you don't have to use these exact brands, cheaper 'own' brand alternatives are preferable
smoloney4 years ago
Thats great , I'm off to a 40th at the end of Aug which is a Beach/ Easter island theme, so this will be fantastic, can you please give me an idea of how long this took you from start to finish.


msraynsford (author)  smoloney4 years ago
Probably 3 days. It's just cardboard and plaster and paint so the materials are really easy to get hold off. Just be patient and wait for the various parts to dry
Eh Lie Us!4 years ago
Good design. Nice and simple. I have to find some of this Polyfilla you mention. I have looked at the pictures of the real statues. Their looks appear to be more 'European' than what most people on this site consider 'indigenous'. the real Moai appear to have pointy-sharp noses with slightly pursed lips.
Did the mouth provide enough field of vision? That would be tricky!
ell3en5 years ago
I particularly like the rough look of the surface but I can't seem to find that filler.
Any recommendations instead from


 I wish that I could have painted mine better, but still I got more candy because of this! Thanks!
 Sorry, it didn't upload, but here you go.
finfan76 years ago
This is freakin' hilarious if you know the comic Red Meat.
Love that comic!
kellybean785 years ago
Very cool & very helpful! My city is having a Halloween parade with a "Night at the Museum" movie theme. There is an Easter Island head in the film & I want to construct a costume for myself so I can be the Easter Island head in the parade. I wasn't sure how I was going to pull it off, but this is a big help. Many thanks!
Kaiven6 years ago
That.... is awesome. Pure win. It looks so cool, and i love that you can't see any eye holes :P
mrmath6 years ago
"Dumb-Dumb got Gum-Gum?"
hehe i get it

they're called Moai http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moai (not a correction just an FYI)