Introduction: How to Make an Easy, Cheap, Non-explosive Airsoft Claymore Using Household Items!

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This is a fun thing to play tricks on friends with or to play airsoft with! I am pretty much a sneaky person with a airsoft gun and a ghillie suit and to keep me from getting ambushed i thought "what about a claymore!". I didnt want to spend $130.00 on a normal airsoft claymore online so i decided to make one! All you need is a bit of patience and a creative mind! This claymore uses a tripwire so when a person steps on it or hits it it sends airsoft bbs flying out and hitting them. it doesnt use explosives so its pretty safe.

Step 1: Getting Ready

To start this project, you will need to get some pretty basic things. Heres what you need:
Cottonelle toilet tissue box
A small mousetrap
Four 6-inch nails (7 1/2 cm)
Duct tape
Spraypaint. colors vary depending on enviroment colour (green, brown, camo, olive drab, etc.)Wooden kebob skewer or pencil
Fishing line
Zip tie/cable tie
Paperclip box
Airsoft bbs
You will also need scissors, a hot glue gun, and a drill.

Step 2: Preparing the Box

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Start by poking four holes on the side where the hinges are for the nails. Put them in pairs on each side as shown in the picture. Next, cut a rectangular hole close to the hinge side on the top of the box just big enough for the WOOD PART of the mousetrap to fit through. Then cut two 2 inch slits on each side of the rectangular hole you just cut leading to the other side of the box as shown in the picture. Finally, on the bottom of the box, cut a 2 by 2 inch hole starting on the end nearest the hinged part of the box. make a piece of cardboard a tiny bit bigger than the hole and put duct tape ONLY ON THE TOP so the cardboard flips up.

Step 3: The Tripwire

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Take your kebob skewer or pencil and tie a pretty good length of fishing line onto it. Take the rubberband and wrap it around the knot so the fishing line wont slide off of the skewer. wrap it all up and keep it for later.

Step 4: The Mousetrap

Picture of The Mousetrap

This is the size of mousetrap you need. Drill a hole on each side on the part where the pin is. Then take your zip tie/cable tie and stick it through those holes and wrap it over and in the hammer part of the trap. Tighten it until you have it at this angle. WARNING! a mousetrap is dangerous and could brake your finger! kids, be very careful!

Step 5: Rigging the Tripwire

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Drill a hole kind of in the top middle of the top of the box. Take your pencil or skewer with the fishing line on it and thread it through this hole then tie it on a hole on the plate thing where the bait for mice would be if we were using the mousetrap for its intended use. If your having trouble, look at the picture.

Step 6: Paperclip Box

Picture of Paperclip Box

Easiest step. Take scissors and cut one long side about the width of a quarter and tape it so it doesnt fall apart. Done. This box is for the bbs.

Step 7: Main Assembly

Picture of Main Assembly

Cut a slit in the middle of each long side on the tiny box you just made. Glue the tiny box on the hammer part of the mousetrap to where the slits are right smack dab in the middle of the hammer square. These slits are for the pin to go through so the trap can lock in place. Hot glue the mousetrap onto the inside bottom of the box which is now the side the nails are on. make sure the tiny box on the mousetrap is facing the open side on the box as shown in the picture.

Step 8: Testing and How to Use

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To test out your claymore, first you need to jab it into the ground. Then unroll the length of the fishing line and make sure it is tight, not too tight though or else the mousetrap wont work properly. Put some bbs in the tiny box and push back the mousetrap hammer and put the pin on to lock it down. You can do this next part two ways, one, walk thru the tripwire hitting your foot on the fishing line or two, pushing the fishing line with a stick. if it shoots to where it hits your thighs, then youre good. If it shoots lower, try tightening the zip tie a bit to make the angle different. Oh yeah, and the flip up cardboard thing we did on the back? That is for access to the back of the trap to set it and its also for any adjustments you may need to do on your claymore.

Step 9: Spraypainting!

Picture of Spraypainting!

Spraypaint the outer shell of your claymore the colour of your choice depending on your enviroment. Make sure the paint is Extra-Flat, Flat, or Satin. Anything else will reveal the claymore more. Example, if you live in a dry grassy enviroment you may want to paint it tan. Or if its a forest you may want to paint it brown or for bushes and grass a green or olive drab. Its up to you! I painted mine with KRYLON camouflage Ultra-Flat. If you dont use this, make sure the paint you do use bonds with plastic, or else it wont stick.


wlrules (author)2010-02-06

a mousetrap cant break ur finger. ive tested it

zanki_kitsune (author)wlrules2011-08-01

common sense, so rare it's a super power.

mrmuffin (author)zanki_kitsune2012-06-10

IKR i once say a teen about 15 i think he was drunk and was wheeling down the street in a chair and i was like wtf?!?!?!?!

mechaninja (author)zanki_kitsune2012-01-31

Woah man, need some aloe-vera for that BURN!

Geeknxt (author)zanki_kitsune2011-11-28


Arano (author)wlrules2010-03-21

the bigger ones used for rats can break your finger

bubba j (author)Arano2010-05-02

 break your finger??? thats it? i used one and it decapitated a rabbit under our porch

stg.badass (author)bubba j2010-07-20

where do you buy rat traps because i need that so i dont have to use my ruger mini 14 and stay outside for so long waiting

i went to walgreens for mine here in america

Geeknxt (author)coocooachoo5682011-11-28

home depot has them in the garden section

aseaheru (author)stg.badass2011-02-02

hardware stores........ or wallmart..... *throws up*

luckyy i always wanted one

greymatter21 (author)bubba j2010-05-24

poor rabbit :'(''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Silly Rabbit. Rat Traps are for Rats.

deobomb (author)HughGRection2011-08-11

..()() AND?!?!?!?!?
(='.'=) <-----here's a hint it starts with a (ra)ends with a (it)-----<<<
/ ()() \

wow lol

I broke my toe on a Rat-trap once, so they're pretty strong. As bubba j says there are those traps for rabits AND rats that are even worse.. Poor rabit.. xD 

iBurn (author)wlrules2010-03-20

 So can cars. or doors, or chairs, the list of things that can break your fingers is incredibly long....

stg.badass (author)iBurn2010-07-20

fingers can break other fingers XD!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

notyou13 (author)stg.badass2010-10-12

so can a tenth of a once of c4

SM2808 (author)wlrules2010-08-22


but a rat trap can

ilpug (author)wlrules2010-06-09

where is your common sense?

coocooachoo568 (author)wlrules2010-02-10


ninetails12 (author)2010-01-18

um, thats a nickel

its a quarter.

L9OBL (author)coocooachoo5682010-05-03

canadian quarter? cause thats also the size of an american nickle (there abouts)

notyou13 (author)L9OBL2010-10-12


mechaninja (author)notyou132012-06-03,file=16953,filename=who_fuckin_cares.gif

ninetails12 (author)ninetails122010-01-31

oh nvm


Matrix-technician (author)2012-01-11

Very impressive! I've seen some other mousetrap versions and this one takes the cake for realism. I have 3 of them now, >:). hehehe

Do you think this would work with one of those newer plastic mouse traps if you epoxied it to the bottom instead of nailing?

Epoxy generally degrades plastic
you could, but i hot glue

Geeknxt (author)Geeknxt2011-11-28

or jb weld
works ok

im not sure, i haven't seen one of the plastic mousetraps before, but the nails hold the claymore in the ground.

Geeknxt (author)2011-11-28

Damn claymore you scary
planning on building one

deobomb (author)2011-08-11

will this fling paint and water?

coocooachoo568 (author)deobomb2011-09-11

you can modify it to, yes

mikee323 (author)2011-09-10

Hey dude, hoe hard does this thing shoot? And I love the idea man, it's really a good idea.

coocooachoo568 (author)mikee3232011-09-11

about the equivalent of somebody throwing an airsoft pellet at you. that is what it does, haha. and thank you!

notyou13 (author)2010-10-19

nice idea

coocooachoo568 (author)notyou132011-09-11


glockofdoom (author)2011-03-26

I like the idea. But the instructable should have more details

senseisean (author)2011-02-02

I know this is an old post but...Very cool build! Looks all military and scary.

I've got a couple of motion-activated air fresheners that run a little servo anytime someone walks in front of them.. I may try to use that as the trip-wire, since the circuitry is already in place. I'll just need to put the freshener's guts in the claymore case and connect the servo to the trap. I'll let you know how it works if I get around to actually finishing this project.

Sounds like a great idea

aseaheru (author)2009-07-20

sweet. what about paintballs?

senseisean (author)aseaheru2011-02-02

I'd try buying or making paint grenade paint (which is the same stuff as in the paintballs, but thinner), wrapping the cup in plastic wrap or using a plastic cup, and pouring some paint in the cup. Would take a little longer to set up, but would definitely work.

aseaheru (author)senseisean2011-02-02

i think it woud depend on the wrap, its pritty strong material.ballons might work if you have enough of the paint. no leak in balloons also

coocooachoo568 (author)aseaheru2009-07-26

havent tried it... i dont think they would break but maybe.

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