Hat pins are used to secure your hat to your hair so the hat won't fly off your head and they are decorative as well. They used them a lot in the Victorian era. Here is how to make an easy one.
You will need:
1 Doll needle 5" (127 mm)
3 crystal faceted beads (10 mm)
1 bullet clutch w/plastic pad (it's a type of earring back that looks kind of like a little bullet)
26 guage very flexible thin wire (I used gold)

This is easy and only costs about $8 to make.

Step 1: Step 1

Cut off about 12" of the wire. String one of the beads through the wire, then stick the needle through the bead. String the second bead on the wire then stick the needle through the second bead, repeat for third bead. You should now have three beads strung on the wire and the needle. They should be pushed close togehter in a row and leave the end of the needle with just the hole sticking out at the top.

<p>So cool! Thank you. I'm going to make some for myself. The ones I wanted are too expensive--and these look even better!</p>
<p>Using the needles is a brilliant idea. I used upholstery needles. I custom made a tip cover by using polymer clay. </p>

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