How to Make an Easy Iphone Alarm Clock Stand





Introduction: How to Make an Easy Iphone Alarm Clock Stand

This is a one piece flat stand to use with your iphone when it is charging from the cable. For me it means I can use it as an alarm clock by my bed whilst being able to see it. Its also a one piece design so its very easy to make. I got the idea from a kensington stand that I had seen on the internet, obviously this is less technical, uses less materials, does exactly the same.

Step 1: List of Things You Will Need

For this you will need the / a charging cable like the one that came with the iphone.
Some graph paper
accurate way of cutting acrylic, saw
Glue stick
Some scrap acrylic or wood or anything similar. I used acrylic that was 2mm thick.

Step 2: Making the Template

This is the drawing below that I made, you should be able to copy the template from the picture and then redraw it. Each tiny square is 2mm and each larger square is 1cm. You don't have to worry about the angles when drawing it as this has already been done by me.

This gives an angle of about 60 degrees from the rear.

Once you have the template you can measure up what your going to make it out of.

Step 3: Cutting It Out

This is where you will stick the template to the acrylic, or whatever you used, in order to get an accurate shape cut out.

My wife has done the cutting for me as I am not allowed to use her tools. After using her hand drill to inscribe my name on most of her stuff it became apparent to her that I cant be trusted with destructive things.

The pictures just show the process but really its fairly simple.

Step 4: Check and Finish

This step is as it says. First try it out after you have cut it out. Remember if you are unsure about the cutting it is better to undercut and sand than to over cut and throw away.

Try it on the iphone, if its good then sand the rough edges until its nice and smooth.

Here you can see I also added a bit to the end because of the above reason but it is your stand so do as you will.

Step 5: Use It

Ok here we go the finished product that works very well.

any comments welcome, I have a few instructables I am writing but this is the first I have finished. Mostly due to how easy it is.




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Nice, I'll be making one of these. thanks.
could you add something like a PDF of the template so it could be printed out at the correct size?
Would save others having to try and draw it out when you have made it perfect.

sorry I did not see this message sooner. The jpg was created from the PDF I had already made, so I could have posted this a lot sooner. Hope it helps.

Jonpoate, you are one extremely nice guy! I don't thinkI could be so gracious if someone looked at my instructible andtold me, "Hey, not only am I going to take YOUR idea and sellit to make money off YOUR invention, I didn't even make the thing myself-- I had some guys in my shop make it FOR me! So basically,I'm the world's biggest freeloader trying to make a buck off a productI had someone else make me from a design I stole."

Your zen is awe-inspiring! :)

 Hi Gizmology, Cheers for the comment. I put this instructable upbecause I have wanted to post one for ages, and this seemed perfect asIt used up scrap material and allowed me to do what I wanted with myIphone. I was sure other people might want to make one too, and Flyinseamnky has adapted it, got someone to make it, and he maysell it. I think he has a lot of enthusiasm for this instructable and itis good to see what he is doing to further the design. We both havedifferent reasons, possibly, for liking the design but he has told mewhat he is doing where other people may not. He said he will post scalepictures here so they can be made by anyone which is in the same vein asthis instructable was meant. To me I'm glad I have done something toinspire another. Take it easy.

BTW congradulations of your posting being featured in the email newsletter!

I don't think you mean Zen. Perhaps Karma?

n.  A school of Mahayana Buddhism that asserts thatenlightenment can be attained through meditation, self-contemplation,and intuition rather than through faith and devotion and that ispracticed mainly in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Also called Zen Buddhism.

[Japanese zen, from Chinese (Mandarin) chán, meditation, from Pali jhānaṃ, from Sanskrit dhyānam, from dhyāti, he meditates.]

1.Hinduism,Buddhism. action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman. Compare bhakti(def. 1), jnana.
2.Theosophy. the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation.
3.fate; destiny.
4.the good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something.


Flyinseamnky -- actually, I did mean zen. If I meant karma, I would have been opining that jonpoate had somehow *earned*-- or deserved -- your appropriation of his instructible by or because of some past action of his own. That isn't what I meant at all. I don't know his history, so I couldn't make such an assumption. I meant "zen" in the sense of "the discipline and practice of ["Ch'an", the sect of the Chinese Mahayana movement of Buddhism]", i.e. jonpoate was excercising the principles of zen practice, exhibiting equilibrium and balance -- a calm and accepting state of mind. Thanks for trying to correct me -- I always appreciate a little instruction (as evidenced by where this discussion takes place ;), but in this case, I think you just misunderstood or misread my comment. (Funny -- this conversation started almost a year ago, but I never saw the followup comments until just today! Sorry for such a belated response! :)

Wow I just said I thought about selling a few. What even happened to "Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site" I never said I was actually going to sell any, I just thought it was a good idea, so if someone did not want to take the time to make their own. Last I checked this is an open source forum. Materials, time, shipping, and machine maintained/bits do cost me money. If I did make or have someone make some for me I would have to pay for all that out of my own pocket. I am not going to just give them out to anyone other than Jonpoate himself, friends and family if I did. So far there has only been one of these made, and I am proud to say that I am the owner of it.  I am not a major manufacturer here, I just have access to more professional software via my job, and access to people with the machincal know-how to make a nice looking finished product.

I do know how to run the equipment myself to make this, but that is not my job, and since the guys who's job it is had some down time as well they made it for me. I am a drafter/designer.
Further more I have done 3 different redesigns/revisions to it, including all angles and slot sizes as well as including a sound redirector such as this Technically it is not a horizontal video viewing desk stand now, and not an alarm clock stand. I am including finalized drawings of this design as well as a full size template to make your own on here. So I would hardly call that free loading or stealing. Esp. Since as Jonpoate pointed out, I did discuss the option of making many to sell with him, and he though it would be a neat idea. And that was just after my own (and only) prototype was made. Furthermore, I never said that I would not cut him in on a share of any profits that might be made from the manufacturing and selling of them. Which I doubt there would be any considering it took my guy about an hour from raw material to finished/polished product to make, and his going rate per hour is probably more than anyone would spend on one (outside of the cost of everything else involved in making it). 
If you think you can do better, by all means improve the design and post it. Other wise if you don't have anything nice to say... Although the concept is the same I could technically write my own instructable on how to do it at this point. since I have changed the design so much. After all is some kid can write one on how he acquired a free 1994 IBM keyboard by asking the IT support at his school for one since his keyboard broke and he did not make enough allowance to buy a new one *sarcasm* then I can write one on taking a good idea, and improving it.  As I am sure he has done in this posting, seeing as I have also seen many other similar concepts on here, such as making a stand out of cardboard, legos, paper clips, and even paper. So the idea is hardly original as good as it might be. Not to discredit this posting any because it was infact well written. Thanks again Jonpoate.

PS. as promissed I have attached the drawing of the final design. I had to shrink the file down in order to upload it here, but as long as you hit print to fit with no margin it should print out 1:1. Otherwise go by the dimensions as marked.

that the most expensive alarm clock, but nice advice

miniatur gitar GA004.png