How to Make an Easy Toy Spaceship Using 123d Design




Introduction: How to Make an Easy Toy Spaceship Using 123d Design

In this instructable, I will be teaching you all how to make an easy toy spaceship using 123d design tool. This is a 3d software used to make 3d models.

Step 1: Making the Outline

To make the outline, use the polyline tool. With this tool, you can make the outline of the model and make it 3d later.

Step 2: Extruding the Polyline

To extrude the polylines, go to the extrude tool in the top bar. then use the tool and make the parts the appropriate sizes.

Step 3: Final Touch

Finally, we will add rocket boosters to the back of the spaceship and finish it up.

Step 4: Conclusion

Now, all you have to do is print it out. Thanks, and please vote for me in the 3d design contest!



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