Step 1: Cut the Coconut

The first thing you should do is cut a hole in the top of the young coconut
Then you make the hole bigger so you can enter the plant within

Step 2: Make another hole in the bottom

Picture of Make another hole in the bottom
Now you have to make a hole in the bottom with the screw driver (you can make more than one hole). It should measure a little over 1cm2.
this will help the water to drain and not rot the root of the plant

Step 3: Choose a base suport

Picture of Choose a base suport
you can use a dish or a plant pot  base... It only helps the water doesn't leak

Step 4: Placing the soil

Picture of Placing the soil
chose the best soil and place it in the coconut

Step 6: Finished

Picture of Finished
This is the final result (I've plant a seed, and two weeks later.. surprise!)
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That's no screwdriver! - that's a knife sharpener.
Charlestark (author)  AJMansfield1 year ago
LOL I know.... is because i didn't found one.. the point is that yo can do it with everything like that