How to make an electric cigarette [very easy]

Picture of How to make an electric cigarette [very easy]
this is a tutorial on how to make an electric cigarette and its very easy. I just saw The Tourist recently and thought to make an electric cigarette which Johnny Depp smokes but sorry, no water vapor.
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Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
materials -

1 small push to on switch
2 1.5 volt button cells
1 orange LED or any colour
some amount of wire

tools -

a roll of brown tape [or transparent tape]
a pair of scissors 
glue gun

Step 7:

Now insert the circuit  in the roll and make sure the switch is at the end but the LED part doesn't matter if it is close to the other end. Then heat up the glue gun put some glue above the LED and some behind the switch use picture for reference.


Step 8: How to use??

To use this thing hold it like a normal cigarette and then bring it close to your mouth but before bringing it close, close your teeth and then bring it close and press the button with your teeth and TADA you have your cigarette! when you take it out the light will automaticaly turn off.
mischka3 years ago
Nice, but why do you smoke your filter?!

JohnTom1 year ago
You need a resistor in series with LED to limit the current to about 20mA
scci JohnTom1 year ago
no that's not always needed. Sometimes the internal renitence of the led is enough at lower voltages.
OwnerPMBCC (author)  JohnTom1 year ago
nah, doesnt matter. I dont mind it too much
mw1001 year ago
Why? you obviously have never smoked, an electric cigarette is supposed to release small amounts of nicotine to help you quit.
Cute and simple, I like it!