Picture of How to make an engraved wood piece [without lasers]
This is for the Laser engraving contest

has always been tricky to do engraving without one of those laser engravers, but no fear! But I have managed and you can too. I just got a tiny block of wood from one of my other projects and I wanted to do something with it. So I made this.  [Yes I am a VW fan]

Step 1: Sanding

Picture of Sanding
If you want this to not stab you....sand it! This is crucial for this to be a good piece. I sanded the edges until round then I rounded the corners downward towards the sides. NOTICE: When sanding always "roll" your hand to even it out
ElectraBlu (author) 2 years ago
this was more for people who have never used a knife and such stuff like that, but I agree, it can be done with a pocket knife or anything else easily. Thanks for commenting though your the first one. [sigh] It feels like there is no one out there. :[
ElectraBlu (author) 2 years ago
You can Also use a Soldering Iron for the engraving, but be careful; they can get pretty dangerous.