the photo you see was taken from my first ever copter which i built in 2 hours, what i had not mentioned was my first copter used a laser cut frame i designed and produced whilst in school.

This difference between this post and my other about building multirotors is this is mainly to do with designing a custom frame, however i thought rather than  post links to the next tutorial, i would include it both for posterity and ease of use to those reading through and learning.

I currently pay to use my college laser cutter, unfortunately i have finished my course so i will not have the regular access i once had, part of the reason for submitting this instructable is in the hope i win the epilog challenge and can open a mini business selling my designs or at the very least open a world of possibility in design for me, not having to tiptoe around my college time table.

i hope you like my video intro

Step 1: New Designs

So as of 12th of july i made new frames for a new copter, but i decided i would push the limits of 2d designing a 3d model and camw up with some innovative designs,

I was in contact with a company that studies copter and found interesting design features that increased efficiency and stability.

Anging the motos on a 10 degree tilt increases stability significantly, Raising the motors above cg can make the copter more stable and mounting the motors under the frame rather than on top gave a 9% power and efficiency increase in flight  due to no turbulence on the frame.

So i had that in mind for one frame, my other frame i wanted to be compact, so i could easily take it places without using up too much space.
So i wanted a folding frame but the conventional frame where the arms all fold down was a big issue, the joints had to be large to withstand the force they would be under and i would need 8 joins that add weight and unreliability,
So i came up with an entirely new frame that as far as i can see has never been made before. :)

<p>Can you public the circuit conection wires etc.. Please </p>
<p>Hey Jared! </p><p>I have a Laser Cutter and a 3D printer! Could you send me your files, please?</p><p>Best,</p>
<p>Hey, I just wanted to say that your work and dedication are really nice! :D</p>
<p>Hi there,</p><p>I have a laser cutter, do you think you could send me the files.</p><p>Avrovulcan135@aol.com</p>
<p>thank you</p>
Hi, can you please send me the laser cut plans of the octacopter that is photographed on the laser bed. I have a laser cutter.
<p>can you please send me the laser cut plans of the octacopter ?</p><p> fannarsma@gmail.com</p>
Hi ive just read through these notes and really interested ive got a laser cutter available and would appreciate if you could send me the files dexterj94@yahoo.com
<p>all files are here:</p><p>http://caddrones.com/pt/My-Library-of-2d-designs-for-Multirotor-frames-to-be-cut-with-laser-cutters/blog.htm</p>
Do you the files for the laser cutter to share please ?
i am presuming you have a laser cutter?
Yes I am a design and technology teacher. Would like to build a model with my design club pupils.
do you use 2d design?
Oh yes I use 2D design. Could you share all the files please
i wont put the file up on instructables, but if you give me an email i will send them on over
<p>could you send me the files? michaelwillroku@gmail.com I would like the quad with the dome and the octo with the inverted motors please </p>
<p>Can you send me the files?</p>
May I get the files also?
also would i be able to cut these with a service like with Pololu?
i have no idea is pololu does cutting, give me and email and tell me which design you want.
Thanks that sounds good to me. I will contact you via private message on the weekend or one evening <br>Thanks Pat
<p>Can you send me the CAD files I would like to make some parts from aluminum on my laser and build my own drone for photography. My email is <a href="mailto:rwbobi@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">rwbobi@gmail.com</a> </p>
also which design do you want??
<p>can you send me the plans for the folding one please?</p>
<p>I would really apreciate it</p>
<p>@Jared_Reabow Any chance you are still arround?</p>
<p>Hi @Jared_Reabow Can you please send me the files? :)</p>
@Jared_Reabow; Hi! Fascinating. I have shared this. I agree the gimbal design is elegant. Having an attached back camera to film the copter while flying is excellent. I enjoyed your long video showing you controlling the flight, height, direction, panning on the cyclist, flying through the bushes at the end. Some questions: how long is the flight time; how far from the controller can it fly without losing signal; have you thought of a way to transmit the copter video to you on the ground live so you can see what it is seeing? All in all, excellent engineering and result! Cheers! Site
yes i have wireless video, i use vieo glasses, it can fly 2.5 miles manually or about 6.6 miles before the batteries die when fling autonomously
<p>How do you exceed the range of the Radio Control System by several miles which is MUCH less then that of our Radios, and that is with unobstructed Radio Wave Contact? Or maybe it is just the restrictions that our country, USA, places on the Radio Gear.</p><p>Love this project, I am following, Can I get a set of Plans as well, I would deeply appreciate it. Email me and give me a price, Postage costs money!</p><p>My Email ... bbailey711_aeromodeller@yahoo.com</p><p>I am building a Laser Cutter that I hope I can cut as little as 1/32&quot; Balsa through 1/2&quot; Plywood. My luck and it will flame the Balsa.</p>
<p>Looking at commercially available photography drones, Ive noticed almost none follow your methodology defined by rotors at a 10 degree tilt and rotors under the frame instead of on top. Just out of curiosity how did you test these methods and why would you say commercial drones do not utilize these configurations despite their (apparent) effectiveness? </p><p>I really dont have wiring, sodering, or much mechanical experience at all but I do have laser-cutting and CAD experience and the variety of shapes you produced tells me you thought through the tests that got you to those conclusions. </p>
well the scientific testing was not done entirely by myself, a contracted company in the USA did a large amount of research but never published it, i had help from someone willing to share that information.<br><br>beyond testing, even theory supports the effects of this design.<br>and practical testing spoke the loudest for this design<br><br>I achieved descent rates far higher than any flat copter can achieve to the point i could even completely shut down the motors and still manage a controller high speed decent.<br>flight times for a vehicle of its weight were far beyond that of typical designs.<br>and maneuverability was largely unaffected and i was able to achieve higher top speeds than with flat designs.<br><br>Commercial do not develop these designs because of money, they can make a generic flat design fly for several hours and due to the nature of multirotors being for short flights, they do not see the need to improve efficiency, maneuverability or performance.<br><br>these designs are difficult to manufacture and would require non standard manufacturing processes.<br>As a result they are not taken up because at this moment in time they can get away with less than cutting edge designs.
<p>This is good Research. I am an Engineer. I spent 14.5 years in either the USAF during Vietnam as a Jet Aircraft Heavy Mechanic, and the rest work for USAF Cataloguing of Aircraft Inventory and Parts Standardization. I am an AVID Radio Control designer, builder and flyer. You are correct on your points ... I have always wondered why the copters have the blades on top as they are, what would be called Tractor Engines, and the airframe is in the immediate way and breaks up the effective lift. Almost ALL Radio Controlled Aircraft have Incidence and normally 2 degree off set thrust from the center line to the right as the Engine and Prop setup dynamics that make it easier to fly this way. The Racing Aircraft, and the people that can handle them, have NO 0 degree Incidence and and 0 degree Thrust offset. These planes are like the GeeBees and it takes a GOOD pilot to fly them, they are very unforgiving. I have been with the models since I was 11 and before the Digital Radio Equipment and Strong Engines of today. It was 1965 and I had a 34&quot; Flying Fool Control Line Stunter.</p><p>I got a lot of good links from this conversation and and I would also be honoured to get a copy of your Designs. I am building a Laser Cutter to cut from 1/32&quot; Balsa sheet to 1/2&quot; Plywood as need in the very large Foam constructed Aircraft bbailey_Aeromodeller@yahoo.com I have made you a Favorite and am Following you, but not sure how to &quot;Vote&quot; for you. </p><p>BEST of luck it sounds like your onto something great. Also, Anyone that spend $300 or $400 dollars on a copter gets the Chinese junk they are paying for. My friends that fly UAVs similar to yours in size and effort cost over $2400.00 Dollars. That's why I have not gotten into it yet. But if I can totally make my own without all the expensive carbon fibre and everything else GREAT! Thank you!</p>
<p>i love dornes help meeeeeeeeeeeee</p>
<p>i cant wait to make one yayayyaayaayyayayayyaya</p>
<p>please help me i want to make a fly camera please how i can make it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee </p>
Very nicely done!
<p>Can you send me the files?</p>
<p>i am a grade 7 child and i love to make such stuff this is quite nice</p>
Its too difficult for me but one who know about it and has the accessories its nothing for him
<p>hi, I wish to know more specific about. I want to teach my kids about it. Also source for each component.</p><p>Kindly let me know . Thanks</p>
I Am in class tenth and i also want to make my own drone can <br>And i more ques i want to crack iit can i have some tips <br>Please reply my id is 'deebnsl65@gmail.com'
<p>#good that's cool!</p>
<p>Dear i want to make a drone For my school Purpose can u please Help me that how i make my own drone or Buy it from u or any spear part i get.....plz call me or Email...</p><p>raheel.shafique7@gmail.com</p><p>cell no +923114074062</p>

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