This instructable will guide and inspire you to make an awesome snow fort in very little time!

Step 1: Tools

The only tool really needed for this project is a shovel. Mine looked like this. Its short enough to dig tunnels easily and wide enough to get efficient work done.
<p>NO. <br><br>Do NOT build a fort in a snow bank, at least, not one by the side of the street from the plow. Yes it's convenient to make a fort out of that snow, but it leads to a lot of deaths every year, especially for children. A snow bank fort usually looks exactly like a regular snow bank, and when the plows come it's impossible to see if someone is in there. <br><br>A big metal truck with a sharp metal shovel at the end + humans = tragedy</p>
soooo coool
Unfortunately I tried this BUT I live in Florida...so I tried this with sand as a substitute for snow...EPIC FAIL!!! Just kidding...AWESOME snow fort btw! Any pics inside? Some snow tables or chairs? :)
love this, so awesome!!! you should win!
That is a huge fort! I like the tip about using a snow bank - very handy.

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