This is for the making of an eyeball. Your end result will come out of your own need, this will only show you mine.

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Glue gun, extra ammo can be good to have close by.
6 * Needles (or more/less depending on your build)
Small bowl
Some box (I used a matchbox)
Paper towels
Hair dryer


1 sheet of photopaper to print the eye on
1 cotton wool ball (used translate so unsure of english name but its made out of paper) or styrofoam ball
Liquid Latex
Red food dye (mine was concentrated)
Blue food dye can be good to have handy if you have an unconcetrated red dye
Smoth hard paper or hard plastic to use as a palette

too be honest its too complivcated, there was no need for so many tools....
As anything we adapt on how we do what other do. And I do not see any tool that could be removed except for the hair dryer but it speed things up. And this was made so that anyone can follow instructions and get a good result. Anyone thats more advanced in making things will probably change things and go there own way.<br><br>But Im curious on what tools would you remove? I used the toothpicks all the time instead of brush because of the work with the latex.
yeah, but if you redesign it fromsttratch, you could make a much easier way with simpler tools and a still effective eye?/<br><br>really dpeneds on the person, some like to do big project and some smaller...
This is a small project I would say.<br><br>Prepare and make is at most 20 minutes of work.<br><br>If I would do over after my two eyes I done so far it would probably be they egg cup but other than that. Its fast, its easy.<br><br>Try it out =)<br><br>This is what I made out of my eye.<br><br>
great halloween makeup and cosume, if i do get the time, ill try it out
eye think it's great good job
i tried your method but i'm still blind in one eye.. am i doing something wrong?
Nicely done! You should put the first or sixth picture from step 8 as the intro photograph to really show off the full eyeball.
Thanks! I had that at first but somehow decided to have some mystery behind it I guess. Changed it for #6 now. Like you say its kind of nice seeing the finished eye when you first view it.

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