How to Make an Awesome Bladed Bat!! (With Video Tut)





Introduction: How to Make an Awesome Bladed Bat!! (With Video Tut)

All you need for this is: a bat or a tonfa (I used my homemade tonfa), a circular saw blade, a hacksaw, a screw, a hammer, some tape and maybe a screwdriver.

Video Tutorial up now, watch it above ^^ :)

You can watch this video its about my weapon:

Step 1: Tonfa or Bat.

Take your tonfa or bat and cut through the top with a hacksaw, you may need a screwdriver to open up the cut to fit the blade in.

Step 2: Add the Blade.

Now add the saw blade, as I said you may need to put a screw driver in the slit as you put the blade in, make sure the blade has a small hole (to fit a screw)

Step 3: Hammer Dat Screw In.

Title explains it, hammer the screw through the small hole.

Step 4: Now Add Tape

I added tape for three reasons 1: It looks cool 2: It gives more grip 3: It feels like it holds it together a little



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    i just used a few 1 1/2'' PVC pieces, a t-connector and 3 end caps instead of a tonfa and it worked just fine. it was really lightweight and very sturdy. also, i drilled a hole though the end and put a boly in, going through the center of the blade instead of putting the blade in the slot.

    Looks like a rather dangerous weapon... I admit that using cardboard and duct tape wouls probably not look that good, but at least you would not take anyone's head off that easily... Just saying :).

    I like that it looks like a dangerous weapon

    That it does, but the saw is sharp, isn't it? At least the blades I know would easily nick wood or rip fabrics if used without care, not to mention skin. I'm just saying that you could probably make a prop looking as dangerous without it actually being dangerous ;).

    Its not supposed to be a prop, I made it because its a weapon.

    I would use it if I had to, or in a zombie apocalypse

    Well... I think I wouldn't. For one, there's the danger of injury to innocents (non-zombies) and yourself, as well as property damage, for another there is the unavoidable blood-spray when using this, so zombie-virus and such would be distributed across the room, possibly contaminating people or food. You'd be better off with a blade-less tonfa when the Zombies come ;).