Step 4: Making a pot

Picture of Making a pot
When it comes time to plant, you first need something to plant in. You can always buy a small plant pot at a local store, but the more earth friendly option is to make your own.

I used an old bean can. Other ideas are:

Half a Gatorade bottle
Old plastic cups
Old Jars

Almost anything will work.

Here are the steps to making your container plant friendly.

1. Open it up. Take off the cover, cut off the top. Whatever your container, make sure it's open. No plant wants to fight for the sun.

2. Make drainage possible. Punch holes in the bottom, and put gravel down under your dirt. This makes sure your plant's roots down drown.

You also need a small platter (in my case an old plate), to catch the water coming out of those holes you punched.

Now, fill that baby up with some good, rich dirt. and get ready to plant.

SLSeibel4 years ago
Just curious as to whether or not you ran into any rusting happening around the openings? I have access to plenty of these cans, due to working at a restaurant, and would like to try it out!