video How to make an invisible folder
In this tutorial I will show you how to make an invisible folder on Windows Xp

(hold alt and press 0160)
CAUTION: Do NOT use on vista, it wont be deletable!
mhmjunaid3 years ago
very good idea
it doesn't work on vista for me
sam432fat7 years ago
the alt + a number is a symbol shortcut from microsoft word, go in word press insert and symbol, click one then press shortcut key
kicker1097 years ago
cool! that is awesome, but what if someone rests there curser over the invisible folder and it does that thing that sometimes tells you what is in the folder?
onlyonebowman (author)  kicker1097 years ago
I don't think so.
Xionz7 years ago
I like the idea but when you go to the folder "C:\Documents and Settings\\Desktop" you'll see a empty spot. I think someone will notice it sometimes so i need a way to hide that.
-Aj-7 years ago
hmhmmm lol. you can just put a space as the folders name instead of alt+0160 as they are basically the same thing. alt0160 counts as a character though while space does not, i think? well thats why i figure itll let me use it in some online forums and such in my user name when i get a msg saying no spaces allowed. probly screws with their db though.. just like the smilie i put in my user name ☺ alt+1 or ÇÆ5@☻¹Ú (random num pad mash) lol yeah they dont like that kind of stuff... is lulzy thou
zeero3607 years ago
i can do most of the stuff but when it comes to changing the icon i cant get the customisable tab or wateva someone help
Hubcap7 years ago
If anyone else has create this invisible folder, the only way to remove it is with DelinvFile (Delete Invalid File.) http://www.purgeie.com/delinv/dldelinv.htm
onlyonebowman (author)  Hubcap7 years ago
only in vista not xp
Hubcap7 years ago
Interesting but not deletable. at least, I've not found a way to delete it.
onlyonebowman (author)  Hubcap7 years ago
do you have vista? couse if you do you'll have to go through this crap
yes, i am running vista.
onlyonebowman (author)  Hubcap7 years ago
yea thats the problem, Switch to ANYTHING but vista. Xp and linux are fine butm vista sucks