How to Make an Ipod to Car Speakers Jack





Introduction: How to Make an Ipod to Car Speakers Jack

A friend of mine asked me where to get an audio jack for playing his ipod with the car speakers. Then I thought why buying one? Because you can make one out of your old earphones!!

Step 1: What You Need

1. Two pairs of old earphones
2. Soldering iron
3. Insulating tape
4. Helping hand (Optional but it's always useful to get one)

Step 2: Pair the Wires Together and Solder Them

I cut away the earphones part and left me the wire bits and 2 jacks/plugs. There were 4 wires on each pair of earphones. First of all, you should identify the similar colours and pair them up. However, I got 2 wires which were different from the other side. I paired them up anyway to see if it works. Then I soldered the wires together and test it with my ipod and speakers. IT WORKS!! Finally, wrap the wires with some insulating tape.

Step 3: Now Use It in Your Car or Home Speakers!!

Simply plug it to the 'Audio input' in your car or home speakers. For some stereo, you need to change it to 'AUX' mode.
From where I live (UK), the same audio jack cost £5.99 in a store. Now you can make one for free with your old earphones!!



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    Hey umm when i did this my head phone jack end has 3 wire not 4 like yours does can you help me please?

    I have done this using just one speaker (as its a very old classic car) and the Ipod just isnt powerful enough and the distortion is unacceptable. I was going to look into putting in a small inline booster or something?

    doe,s it work in speaker ?

    nice instructable, just to let you know the copper doesnt have to go wither their respective colors, its just ground and ends up in the same connector anyway

    this is supid. they sell these types of cords for like 1$

    SWeet!!! just soldered it together and it works awseome!! thanks!!!!

    I buy my 1/8" to 1/8" cables at the dollar store. The time spent making this cable is worth more to me than a dollar. Nice job, though.

    ya i have more important things to work on like Sheila (my computer yes Sheila like Red V Blue)

    But you forgot about the gas it took you to drive to the dollar store. Add another dollar. But now consider the time it took to drive to the dollar store. And also the risk involved in getting on the highway. And what about wear and tear to the car's engine. By the time you add up all the pros and cons it comes out about the same.. :-)

    That's cool man. UK is so expensive, it cost £5.99 to get one!!