Introduction: How to Make an Old Mp3 Player Into a Flashdrive

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Ive decided to turn my old mp3 into a flashdrive as well as being able to listen to music.


I am not held responsible for any damage to your computer or mp3 player. This could be considered illegal in some places. It may cause damage to your computer or mp3 player or possibly yourself.

After that being said, lets get started.

Step 1: Gather Parts

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1-mp3 player or device of same sort.(im using a sansa sandisk 8gb for this)
2-usb cable for the device
3-computer(of course)
4-absolutly no programming(if programming is required ask your closest programming technician)

Step 2: Make a New Folder

You need to make a new folder inside of your mp3 to hold all of your other files
then just insert your files in the folder

Step 3: Optional Well Take a Look at the System Controls

Picture of Optional Well Take a Look at the System Controls

in the picture is the code for the system it is like this because notepad wont decrypt it by defaualt


furrysalamander (author)2013-03-13

fyi, the print screen button comes in very handy in situations like this.

Sadly at the time I didnt know I could... And I call myself a computer guy.. *tisk* *tisk*

Alright, that's fine.

mohtaprashantrocks (author)2012-01-26

so the inner box says

"if you can read this your not an idiot"

and well i can't disagree

TheRealDutchOwner (author)2012-01-12

Reuse the Sansa. But not this way. Ever heard of ROCKBox? You should install it on your Sansa, then it's a MP4 player with games. Even Doom!

tlynch1 (author)2011-08-21

i really miss my E280 was the most durable mp3 player i ever owned...

TSC (author)2010-11-20


hightekrednek2396 (author)TSC2010-11-20

thanks it was kinda a last minute thing

TSC (author)hightekrednek23962010-11-20

Your welcome!

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