These origami picture frames are original, easy to make and practically free!

What you need:

-a picture
-a paperclip

Step 1: Step 1

You can use any kind of paper for this project: origami paper, wrapping paper etc.

just make sure that :

-it's a square

-its side is at least twice as long as the pictures longest side.

You can even use two sheets of paper of a different colour, just put one on top of the other!

Start by folding the square in half in both directions.
<p>This is so easy to make :) Thank you! I made this!</p>
<p>It's so easy! Thanks for posting this</p>
<p>thanks for this design, I used it in my GCSE photography project. its really good</p>
I found a pattern i liked then printed it the square size required. Thanks for the instructable. My cousin has just given birth and I wanted a inexpensive way of being able to give out photo's in frames.<br>Proper Job!<br>you can do this for pictures max of 10.5cm square for the short side of a piece of A4 which is 21cm.
So cute! :)<br>
Here are some of the ones that i made for an earth day celabration, my other craft fell thru at the last min so i ended up making these out of the comics, they were fast, easy and looked great. Thank you so much!!!
Thanks for the feedback, glad I could help!
Nice, the ones with the two different colour sheets look great.

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