video How to make an origami pop up heart box!
In this video tutorial, I will show you how to make an origami Pop Up Heart Box. Enjoy :D!

Tips: Take care of your folds at the beginning, and the rest should be fairly easy if you follow the tutorial exactly. Making careful folds, and making sure everything is properly aligned will allow you to get best results for the final product. This rule is something that should probably be kept in mind when making any origami model. Other than that, have fun!
adale1232 years ago
Hey, TCGames...how do you make this stuff?!
TCGames (author)  adale1232 years ago
Hey, to post pictures you click the add images button which is located under the comment box. I'm glad you like the model. Sometimes I find books and make the models based on the diagrams in it. However, most times I look for free origami diagrams and work off of those. There are lots available.
adale1232 years ago
Sweet!! Hey,I made one too but I'm new so.....how do I post pictures?! D:
jolemannen3 years ago
you are a talented man :)
TCGames (author)  jolemannen3 years ago
Thanks :D!