Introduction: How to Make an Origami Sonobe Moving Cube!

This video is a tutorial on how to make a modular origami moving cube.


adale123 (author)2013-02-16

Hey I gave up and finally made my own version!!

adale123 (author)adale1232013-02-25


SunderOrigami (author)adale1232013-02-20

Looks great!

SunderOrigami (author)adale1232013-02-20

Looks great!

adale123 (author)2013-02-05

I can't get these stupid pieces together :-( I've been trying for 5 days straight!

ojohnson1 (author)2012-10-30

i hate u ....... becuz i did know about this :P

lerlenbach (author)2012-10-05

How bigg do the pieces of paper need to be in order to make this?

SunderOrigami (author)lerlenbach2012-10-05

Any size will work. I made some with very small sticky note paper once, and it came out just fine. Hope that helps :D!

lerlenbach (author)SunderOrigami2012-10-05

yes it did, thank you. now i shall give it a try adn hope it turns out

jessyho862013 (author)2012-09-08

i made i in year ago

Theoryism (author)2012-06-07

I love this. I just made one with four units though, I didnt have alot of time, but this will amaze my friends :D Bravo. 5*

SunderOrigami (author)Theoryism2012-06-08

I'm glad you like it :D!

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