This instructable will show you step by step how to make a fancy outdoor candle light, but you can place it anywhere you like it.
It is cheaper to do this instructable than to buy a regular outdoor electric light.
Thanks for watching.
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Step 1: Accesories you need to start this instructable

Here it is the things that you need to start doing your fancy electric candle light.

-Candle Light Holder, or you can make one, using some wood, but it is really cheap.

-Some electric wire, the amount of wire depends on the position you will place the lamp.

-127V E12 Light Bulb.. The image says 12V but it is 127V, but you can use a 12V and light it with rechargeable batteries.

-Socket for the light bulb


-Wire Terminal

Step 5: Final Step

Picture of Final Step
Place the connection inside the candle light holder, very carefully.

Place it facing downwards, so it looks like a real deal.

Then connect the switch and the terminal to the connection and you are good to go.