Picture of How to make an upcycled scarf skirt
Here's a step-by-step on how to make an inexpensive scarf skirt (like those head scarves your mammie or grammie used to wear when she was in the convertible...think Thelma and Louise) and a pair of old jeans (or any kind of pants!).

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Scarves - I prefer the longer, rectangular ones, but you can just as well do the large square ones. I used 4 and cut them in the middle. I picked these up for $1 each at the Goodwill.
Pair of old pants or shorts
Sewing machine (you can do it by hand but it would take a while)
Straight edge, chalk and cutter (optional)

Step 2: Layout, pin and sew

Picture of Layout, pin and sew
Layout the scarves in the order you want and pin them right sides together.  I did two sets of four scarves to make it easier to manage, then sewed them all together to make my scarf circle.

Make sure you put a lot of pins in the silk scarves, as they slip a lot when sewing.

Step 3: Straight edge cut and gathering the skirt

Picture of Straight edge cut and gathering the skirt
Use your straight edge to cut the scarf skirt evenly over the top before gathering the skirt.

Gather the top on the skirt, either by hand or machine.

Step 4: Cut your pants!

Picture of Cut your pants!
Using your straight edge, cut your pants using the pockets in the back and the bottom of the zipper in the front for a guide. 

Step 5: Pin, pin, pin and sew

Picture of Pin, pin, pin and sew
Since I wanted the raw edge of the jeans to show on the outside, I pinned and pinned and pinned the scarf skirt to the inside of the cut pants.  Since the scarves are already hemmed, there was no need to hem the bottom.

Next, sew the skirt to the cut pants.  I found it to be more secure to do a double stitch - my first stitch was straight, then I used a decorative stitch for my second stitch.

Step 6: Try it on and wear it out!

Picture of Try it on and wear it out!
Just don't wear black socks with it. :)
Very cool! I have some silk scraps I think I might try this with!! :)
it was a grab-bag, 'swap' type thing and there isn't enough of any one piece to do much with...until now!
Printy2 years ago
Cool! I like the idea! Wonder what would happen with ties..?
lleonard4 (author)  Printy2 years ago
Thank you! My next project is a tie skirt. I have seen several tutorials on here with them. Some people use them as is while some seam rip them, unfold them and iron them. To me, that would defeat the purpose. I just know that ties are 1.00 a piece and I would have needed more than the 4 handkerchiefs (at .50 each). Money-wise it was cheaper with the handkerchiefs. ;)