The first step to making an airsoft team is to find good people. So, you have airsoft wars with your friends. You then pick out some really good players you notice. Once you do pick the players, practice for any competition that comes up. When that competition happens, your team will play pretty decent. Now don't blame me if you don't win but it will get yourself pretty far. (If you get good people that is.) If you notice that someone is good in one category, put them to work at it in an airsoft war. Also, I don't know why the picture is small.

Step 1: Practicing

Now I'm not just posting this to tell you to get good people. You need to practice, practice, practice, and......practice. I would do about 1 a week or so. You just need to see that your team is improving. If not, practice more. (I doubt that would happen.) But just saying. If their is a certain member that needs to improve, put your main focus on him/her :P and try to give him/her tips on how to improve or they can also practice more if it comes down to the decision.
You don't NEED a grenade launcher nor a minigun...
<p>But they would be nice. I wish I had grenades. Unfortunately, they are too expensive for me to get a lot.</p>
Do u live in Killeen
<p>Yeah, they aren't that cheap, lol. But they are fun.</p>
<p>yeah for real the cheapest minigun i could find $2500 no way i'm spending that much money on air soft</p>
U dont need armor I don't have any and I don't get hurt and I win
<p>That's right. You don't need armor, but I have a vest to hold my stuff. </p>
Another thing is you need a well balanced team, a sniper-spotter team, a scout, heavy weapons, and close quarters <br>
<p>Pretty good ideas. You know what else would be great? Airsoft mortar team. Humongous addition to firepower.</p>
No offense but that's not how u get a good airsoft team. You need tactics and training, u don't need anything of what u said
(Mistake) I should have put will probably want to have a blah blah blah <br>

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