How to make and shoot the strongest destruction slingshot

video How to make and shoot the strongest destruction slingshot

This is a tutorial about a metal slingshot, very strong and not a toy.
Nightmare5411 months ago

forgive me if you have already answered this...but I was curious if you have ever tested the shotgun pouch on this particular model? It seems that with destruction slingshot, a bird pouch would give you higher kill velocity as well as a tighter pattern for longer distances...but I failed physics so I could be WAY off base...;-)

benduy3 years ago
irony..... security.... jorge sparve....
Mastros4 years ago
Simple and strong.

I think the handle, i.e. the middle piece of wood, should have been below the horizontal piece, so that the slingshot will look similar to letter Y.

In this way, there will be no risk to shoot the hand that holds the wood piece, a very likely possibility, me thinks.

JoergS (author)  Mastros4 years ago
You are wrong, there is no danger to hit your hand. But if you put the handle under the bar, the strain on the wrist would be so high that you would have to shoot ridiculously weak bands.

kenobi JoergS3 years ago
Did not hear clearly what rubber strap you recommend. Could you please type the name of it?
BTW Do you think it would make trouble if the difference in height between the handle & the tubes holding the rubber sling was a half cm more?
i think i heard "theraband black"