Step 12: Project Housing Modifications

Picture of Project Housing Modifications
Solar Panel Attachment Point
The cables from my solar panel have clamps on the end. So I decided to use bolts as the attachment points on the control circuit housing. For this, I found a pair of bolts and nuts that fit the clamps. Then I drilled holes in the side of the housing that were a little smaller than the bolts and screwed the bolts into the holes. The nuts were threaded onto the bolt inside the housing. This will make the attachment point for the wires inside the housing.

Holes for Wires
Because so many quick disconnects are used on wires that go into the project enclosures, it would be inconvenient to feed the wires into the enclosures through drilled holes. Instead, I found it easier to just cut small slits in the side of the enclosure where the two halves come together. Do this for all the wires that go through the walls of the enclosures.

DC Power Outlet Hole
Drill or cut a 1 3/32" hole in the side of the housing for the control circuit. Since this is an odd size, you will probably have to drill a 1" hole and widen the hole with a file or knife. Insert the DC power outlet into the hole. If it doesn't fit tightly, you can secure it in place with glue.